Lilo Moessner

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lilo Moessner plays a role.


The paper starts with a survey of earlier studies on the subjunctive in English noun clauses, and it promises the analysis of the parameter modality expressed by third person singular present tense verbal syntagms in a corpus of almost 550,000 words. Two models of modality are distinguished; in the… read more | Chapter
Moessner, Lilo 2022 Chapter 9. Should with non-past reference: A corpus-based diachronic studyEnglish Historical Linguistics: Change in structure and meaning, Los, Bettelou, Claire Cowie, Patrick Honeybone and Graeme Trousdale (eds.), pp. 225–242
This chapter combines a quantitative and a qualitative analysis of the use of should with non-past reference in the historical periods Old English, Middle English (ME), and Early Modern English (EModE). It is based on data from the Helsinki Corpus of English Texts and the Middle English Dictionary.… read more | Chapter
Law language is a cover-term for different genres of legal texts. The genre of law is characterized as being written, legislative and formal. Quantitative studies on the textual and linguistic structure of Old English (oe) law-codes are lacking so far, but both aspects are analysed in this paper on… read more | Article
Moessner, Lilo 2018 Chapter 5. Old English wills: A genre studySociocultural Dimensions of Lexis and Text in the History of English, Petré, Peter, Hubert Cuyckens and Frauke D'hoedt (eds.), pp. 103–124
Following Bhatia’s model of the ‘language of the law’, this paper treats wills and statutes as representatives of the genre ‘written formal legislative legal documents’. In an overview of the publications on Present-day English (PDE) legal writing, I point out that only statutes have been analyzed… read more | Chapter
It is the aim of this paper to identify and analyse directive speech acts in a corpus of Early Modern English and Present-day English written texts from legal, religious and scientific discourse. It starts with a justification of the application of speech act models to the analysis of written texts. read more | Article
The paper investigates changes of the genre ‘science’ in the 17th century. The method of multidimensional analysis applied to two texts of the first and to four texts of the second half of the 17th century stops a methodological and a chronological gap. On the dimensions ‘narrative vs non-narrative… read more | Article