Lynne Cahill

Lynne Cahill

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Orthographic Databases and Lexicons

Edited by Lynne Cahill and Terry Joyce

[Written Language & Literacy, 20:1]2017.  v, 127 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Language teaching | Writing and literacy


Cahill, Lynne. 2017. What are the “phonemes” in phoneme-grapheme mappings?. Orthographic Databases and Lexicons, Cahill, Lynne and Terry Joyce (eds.), pp. 104–127
The CELEX lexical database (Baayen, Piepenbrock & van Rijn 1995) was developed in the 1990s, providing a database of the syntactic, morphological, phonological and orthographic forms of between 50,000 and 125,000 words of Dutch, English and German. This database was used as the basis for the… read more | Article
Cahill, Lynne and Terry Joyce. 2017. Orthographic databases and lexicons. Orthographic Databases and Lexicons, Cahill, Lynne and Terry Joyce (eds.), pp. 1–5
Cahill, Lynne, Carole Tiberius and Jon Herring. 2013. PolyOrth. Written Language & Literacy 16:2, pp. 146–185
The relationship between orthography, phonology and morphology varies with different languages and writing systems. These relationships are by no means random. They follow rules, albeit with exceptions, even for relatively irregular languages like English. In this paper, we present the PolyOrth… read more | Article