Rocío Jiménez Briones

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This chapter presents a comparison between FunGramKB, a multipurpose lexico-conceptual base for Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, and FrameNet, a lexical resource for English whose objective is to document the range of semantic and syntactic combinatory possibilities of each sense of a… read more | Article
Jiménez Briones, Rocío and Alba Luzondo Oyón 2013 Constructions in Role and Reference Grammar: The case of the English resultativeLinking Constructions into Functional Linguistics: The role of constructions in grammar, Nolan, Brian and Elke Diedrichsen (eds.), pp. 179–204
Framed within Role and Reference Grammar, this chapter provides a finer-grained account of the English resultative constructions (e.g. He hammered the metal flat/into a knife), which enriches the constructional schema suggested in Van Valin (2005). In so doing, we mainly follow the work carried out… read more | Article