Manuela Palacios-González

List of John Benjamins publications for which Manuela Palacios-González plays a role.


Palacios-González, Manuela 2008 The gender of translation: Irish poetry in GalicianBabel 54:3, pp. 268–280
Palacios-González, Manuela 1995 Secundino Villoria & J. J. LaneroBabel 41:3, pp. 190–192
Palacios-González, Manuela and Francisco Javier Fernández Polo 1994 Literalidad y literariedad en la traducción de la poesía de e.e. cummingsBabel 40:3, pp. 170–177
In this paper we attempt to prove that a reasonably literal translation of e.e. cummings is both more literary and adequate than a free one. Since cummings' poems are a paradigm of literariness achieved by means of the transgression of the norm, we believe that his break with typographical,… read more | Article