Gary Lupyan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gary Lupyan plays a role.



Winter, Bodo, Marcus Perlman, Lynn K. Perry and Gary Lupyan 2017 Which words are most iconic? Iconicity in English sensory wordsInteraction and Iconicity in the Evolution of Language, Hartmann, Stefan, Michael Pleyer, James Winters and Jordan Zlatev (eds.), pp. 443–464
Some spoken words are iconic, exhibiting a resemblance between form and meaning. We used native speaker ratings to assess the iconicity of 3001 English words, analyzing their iconicity in relation to part-of-speech differences and differences between the sensory domain they relate to (sight, sound,… read more | Article
Lupyan, Gary and Rick Dale 2015 Chapter 11. The role of adaptation in understanding linguistic diversityLanguage Structure and Environment: Social, cultural, and natural factors, De Busser, Rik and Randy J. LaPolla (eds.), pp. 289–316
The 6,000–7,000 languages spoken by people display a dazzling variety of sounds, word patterns, and grammatical forms. The dominant explanation for this diversity is that languages drift apart as communities separate. The accumulation of random changes eventually produces languages that are… read more | Article