Sonja Pöllabauer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sonja Pöllabauer plays a role.


Kolb, Waltraud and Sonja Pöllabauer 2023 Women as interpreters in colonial New Netherland: A microhistorical study of Sara KierstedeIntroducing New Hypertexts on Interpreting (Studies): A tribute to Franz Pöchhacker, Zwischenberger, Cornelia, Karin Reithofer and Sylvi Rennert (eds.), pp. 126–146
This contribution presents a case study of Sara Kierstede (aka Roelof, Van Borsum, Stouthoff), a Dutch-speaking New Netherland settler and 17th-century interpreter who was proficient in Dutch and Native American languages and served as interpreter in a male-dominated colonial environment in… read more | Chapter
This chapter focuses on interpreter-mediated institutional encounters and specialist language. Based on Niska’s (1998a; 1998b) and Valero-Garcés’(2005) taxonomies of strategies for translating specialist terminology, the author analyses instances of specialist language in a corpus of recordings of… read more | Chapter
This paper presents the results of a study on research on spoken and signed language community interpreting (CI) in German-speaking countries (Austria, Germany, German-speaking regions of Switzerland). A set of different scientometric, network analytical and text linguistic (keyword analysis, title… read more | Article
Grbić, Nadja and Sonja Pöllabauer 2008 An author-centred scientometric analysis of Daniel Gile's œuvreEfforts and Models in Interpreting and Translation Research: A tribute to Daniel Gile, Hansen, Gyde, Andrew Chesterman and Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast (eds.), pp. 3–24
The article begins with a quantitative scientometric study of Daniel Gile’s published writings. The study focuses on the diachronic development of Gile’s writings and several other aspects of his scientific oeuvre such as types of publications; languages of publication; media of publication;… read more | Article
This paper discusses various different methods and tools of scientometrics, the way in which these can be used in translation and interpreting (T/I) studies and how T/I studies might benefit from such an approach. The authors outline both the potentials and pitfalls of such studies and discuss a… read more | Article
Pöllabauer, Sonja 2007 Interpreting in asylum hearings: Issues of saving faceThe Critical Link 4: Professionalisation of interpreting in the community, Wadensjö, Cecilia, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Anna-Lena Nilsson (eds.), pp. 39–52
The study presented in this paper investigates the role of interpreters in asylum hearings in Austria. It is based on transcripts of authentic asylum hearings which were recorded at the Federal Asylum Office in Graz, Austria, and transcribed and analysed using a discourse analytical approach. In… read more | Article
Pöllabauer, Sonja 2006 “Translation culture” in interpreted asylum hearingsSociocultural Aspects of Translating and Interpreting, Pym, Anthony, Miriam Shlesinger † and Zuzana Jettmarová (eds.), pp. 151–162
Research on interpreting in asylum hearings has largely been neglected in Translation Studies. However, the steadily increasing number of asylum seekers suggests that interpreting in such settings is by no means peripheral. In order to address this growing field, a research project has been based… read more | Article
This paper focuses on interpreting in asylum hearings, a field of research thus far largely neglected in Translation Studies. Specifically, it is based on a discourse analytical study of authentic asylum hearings recorded at the Federal Asylum Office in Graz (Austria). Some aspects of the role and… read more | Article