Chloë Marshall

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Second Language Acquisition of Sign Languages: Acquisition d'une langue des signes comme langue seconde

Edited by Krister Schönström and Chloë Marshall

Special issue of Language, Interaction and Acquisition 13:2 (2022) v, 109 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Multilingualism


Marshall, Chloë, Katherine Rowley, Joanna Atkinson, Tanya Denmark, Joanna Hoskins and Jechil Sieratzki 2020 Chapter 5. Atypical sign language developmentUnderstanding Deafness, Language and Cognitive Development: Essays in honour of Bencie Woll, Morgan, Gary (ed.), pp. 73–92
A major theme in Bencie Woll’s research has been what the study of sign language and atypical signers who have neurological differences can teach us about language and cognition more generally. In this chapter, we focus on the growing literature relating to atypical sign language development, with… read more | Chapter