Michael Montgomery

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael Montgomery plays a role.


Montgomery, Michael, Michael Ellis and Brandon Cooper 2014 When did Southern American English really begin? Testing Bailey’s HypothesisThe Evolution of Englishes: The Dynamic Model and beyond, Buschfeld, Sarah, Thomas Hoffmann, Magnus Huber and Alexander Kautzsch (eds.), pp. 331–348 | Article
This paper uses the Corpus of American Civil War Letters, comprising several thousand documents written by minimally literate privates in the conflict, to analyze grammatical features such as you-all and fixing to. The authors respond to the proposal of Bailey (1997) that white Southern American… read more
Montgomery, Michael 2006 The morphology and syntax of Ulster ScotsEnglish World-Wide 27:3, pp. 295–329 | Article
Ulster differs from the other three historical provinces of Ireland in the presence of Ulster Scots, an off-shoot of Lowland Scots brought principally from the Western and Central Lowlands of Scotland in the 17th century through a plantation established by King James I and through periodic… read more
This essay examines the language of an expatriate community as found in letters and petitions written by African Americans who migrated to Sierra Leone by way of Nova Scotia in 1792. These documents provide some of the earliest first-hand evidence of African American English and contribute to… read more
Montgomery, Michael 1997 The rediscovery of the Ulster Scots languageEnglishes around the World: Studies in honour of Manfred Görlach, Schneider, Edgar W. (ed.), pp. 211 ff. | Article
Montgomery, Michael 1997 A Tale of Two Georges: The Language of Irish Indian Traders in Colonial North AmericaFocus on Ireland, Kallen, Jeffrey L. (ed.), pp. 227 ff. | Article
Montgomery, Michael and Janet M. Fuller 1996 What was verbal — s in 19th-century African American English?Focus on the USA, Schneider, Edgar W. (ed.), pp. 211 ff. | Article
Montgomery, Michael 1991 The Linguistic Value of the Ex-Slave RecordingsThe Emergence of Black English: Text and commentary, Bailey, Guy, Natalie Maynor and Patricia Cukor-Avila (eds.), pp. 173 ff. | Article
Montgomery, Michael and Cecil Ataide Melo 1990 The Phonology of the Lost Cause: The English of the Confederados in BrazilEnglish World-Wide 11:2, pp. 195–216 | Article
Montgomery, Michael 1989 Choosing between that and itLanguage Change and Variation, Fasold, Ralph W. and Deborah Schiffrin (eds.), pp. 241 ff. | Article
Montgomery, Michael 1989 Exploring the Roots of Appalachian EnglishEnglish World-Wide 10:2, pp. 227–278 | Article