Nan Jiang

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism


The present study examined L1 influence in visual L2 word recognition in the area of letter case. Whether an English word is displayed in upper- or lower-case letters may be of little significance to English native speakers, but many ESL speakers from east Asia have found it more difficult to… read more | Article
Jiang, Nan 2021 IntroductionStudies of Bilingual Processing Presented to Kenneth I. Forster, Jiang, Nan (ed.), pp. 201–203
Some recent studies demonstrated a lexical processing difference between L1 and L2. In a lexical decision task, masked word primes had an inhibitory or no effect on the identification of their neighbor targets (e.g., reason-SEASON) in L1, but they produced a faciliatory priming effect in L2. The… read more | Article
Languages differ in the semantic structures underlying their linguistic forms. Thus, the learning of a new language entails the development of a semantic system that is specific to the target language. This chapter reviews recent studies that examined three topics related to semantic processing and… read more | Chapter
A cross-modal priming task was used to examine listening comprehension by second language speakers. Participants were asked to perform a written lexical decision task on targets that were presented in different auditory sentential contexts. The context and the target were congruent (i.e., the… read more | Article