Russell Cross

Russell Cross

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(In)equity Issues in CLIL

Edited by Ana Llinares and Russell Cross

Special issue of AILA Review 35:2 (2022) ca. 120 pp.


Slaughter, Yvette, Joseph Lo Bianco, Renata Aliani, Russell Cross and John Hajek. 2019. Language programming in rural and regional Victoria: Making space for local viewpoints in policy development. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 42:3, pp. 274–300
Despite decades of often ambitious policies in Australia, languages education is still characterized by intermittent commitment to the teaching of languages, with inequitable access particularly entrenched in rural and regional contexts. While research has focused on the practical and material… read more | Article
Since the early 1990s, language policy and planning (LPP) has undergone significant theoretical shifts in how it understands policy, concurrent with corresponding shifts in understandings of language, and particularly language use, more broadly. This paper draws on recent developments within… read more | Article
Despite efforts to redress the problem of social inequity within education, data reveals the student attainment gap continues to widen on the basis of socioeconomic background, particularly within Anglophone contexts (OECD, 2019; Wilkinson & Pickett, 2009). Bourdieu’s (1986) concept of ‘cultural… read more | Article
García, Ana Llinares and Russell Cross. 2022. New challenges for CLIL research: Identifying (in)equity issues. (In)equity Issues in CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Russell Cross (eds.), pp. 169–179
Recent studies on CLIL have revealed contradictory results regarding its role in enhancing equal opportunities and social inclusion. This special issue draws on the theme of the CLIL ReN symposium at AILA 2021, “CLIL Pedagogy and Greater Fairness, Equity, and Inclusion”, and the papers in this… read more | Editorial