Shelley Staples

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Sommer-Farias, Bruna, Aleksey Novikov, Adriana Picoral, Mariana Centanin-Bertho and Shelley Staples 2022 A multilingual learner corpus for less commonly taught languagesInternational Journal of Learner Corpus Research 8:2, pp. 261–282
This article provides a detailed account of the framework, pedagogical and research applications of the Multilingual Academic Corpus of Assignments – Writing and Speech (MACAWS). MACAWS is a monitor learner corpus of written and oral assignments produced by foreign language learners in the context… read more | Article
Investigation of the characteristics of spoken learner language has increased in recent years but has been primarily limited to the investigation of one linguistic level (e.g., lexico-grammar), which gives a limited picture of learners’ overall linguistic competence (e.g., Skarnitzl & Rumlová,… read more | Article
Picoral, Adriana, Shelley Staples and Randi Reppen 2021 Automated annotation of learner English: An evaluation of software toolsNatural language processing for learner corpus research, Kyle, Kristopher (ed.), pp. 17–52
This paper explores the use of natural language processing (NLP) tools and their utility for learner language analyses through a comparison of automatic linguistic annotation against a gold standard produced by humans. While there are a number of automated annotation tools for English currently… read more | Article
The present paper employs a corpus-based approach to track the longitudinal language development of university students. Compared to many other longitudinal studies, the present study tracks development over a relatively long period of time (two years) for a relatively large group of students… read more | Article
Staples, Shelley, Maria K. Venetis, Jeffrey D. Robinson and Rachel Dultz 2020 Understanding the multi-dimensional nature of informational language in health care interactionsRegister Studies 2:2, pp. 241–274
Much of the corpus-based research on medical discourse has focused on “involved” language (e.g., 1st person pronouns, discourse markers) and its importance in creating patient rapport (Adolphs, Brown, Carter, Crawford, & Sahota, 2004; Skelton & Hobbes, 1999; Staples, 2016). However, in the broader… read more | Article
This paper describes the construction process involved in creating a robust local learner corpus of texts produced by international students in a first-year writing course at a large public, mid-western university in the U.S. We show how involving faculty members and graduate students of our local… read more | To be specified
Biber, Douglas and Shelley Staples 2014 Exploring the prosody of stance: Variation in the realization of stance adverbialsSpoken Corpora and Linguistic Studies, Raso, Tommaso and Heliana Mello (eds.), pp. 271–294
Over the last three decades, several studies have applied corpus-analytical techniques to investigate the ways in which ‘stance’ is expressed in spoken and written discourse. Corpus research has shown that there are strong differences among registers in their reliance on the different types of… read more | Article