Antoine Tremblay

List of John Benjamins publications for which Antoine Tremblay plays a role.


Tremblay, Antoine, Elissa Asp, Anne Johnson, Malgorzata Zarzycka Migdal, Tim Bardouille and Aaron J. Newman 2016 What the Networks Tell us about Serial and Parallel Processing: An MEG Study of Language Networks and N-gram Frequency Effects in Overt PictureThe Mental Lexicon 11:1, pp. 115–160
A large literature documenting facilitative effects for high frequency complex words and phrases has led to proposals that high frequency phrases may be stored in memory rather than constructed on-line from their component parts (similarly to high frequency complex words). To investigate this, we… read more | Article
Paradis, Johanne, Antoine Tremblay and Martha Crago 2014 French-English bilingual children’s sensitivity to child-level and language-level input factors in morphosyntactic acquisitionInput and Experience in Bilingual Development, Grüter, Theres and Johanne Paradis (eds.), pp. 161–180
This chapter presents three studies from a research program investigating how French-English bilingual children’s morphosyntactic acquisition is influenced by child-level input factors such as bilingual versus monolingual learning, and variation in home input among bilinguals, as well as… read more | Article
The present study investigates the processing and production of four-word sequences such as I don’t really know, at the age of, and I think it’s the. Specifically, we investigate the influence of families of probabilistic measures such as unigram, bigram, trigram, and quadgram frequency of… read more | Article
Paradis, Carole and Antoine Tremblay 2009 Nondistinctive features in loanword adaptation: The unimportance of English aspiration in Mandarin Chinese phoneme categorizationLoan Phonology, Calabrese, Andrea and W. Leo Wetzels (eds.), pp. 211–224
Based on a corpus of 500 stops included in 371 borrowing forms from English in Mandarin Chinese (MC), we show that English stop aspiration, which is agreed to be phonetic, does not influence phoneme categorization in MC, despite the fact that MC has phonemic aspirated stops. Thus even if their… read more | Article