Vittoria Colla

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This chapter reports findings from a single-case study on primary care visits involving a general practitioner (GP), three unaccompanied foreign minors (UFMs) with low competence in the language of the visit, and two professional educators in charge of them. Adopting a conversation… read more
Colla, Vittoria 2023 “Doing being an involved parent”: Practices for building the family-school partnership in parent-child homework dialoguesPractices of Dialogue, Dialogues in Practice, Létourneau, Alain, Geneviève Boivin and Nicolas Bencherki (eds.), pp. 277–299 | Article
The present study investigates the increasingly common phenomenon of parental involvement in children’s education from a dialogic perspective. Drawing on video-recorded parent-child homework conversations in Italian families and adopting a conversation analysis-informed approach, the study analyzes… read more
Caronia, Letizia, Federica Ranzani and Vittoria Colla 2022 Shifting addressivity: In / Ex clusionary practices in triadic medical interaction with unaccompanied foreign minorsTowards Culture(s) of Dialogue: Communicating Unity and Diversity through Language and Discourse, Okulska, Urszula, Grzegorz Kowalski and Urszula Topczewska (eds.), pp. 284–305 | Article
In dealing with recent migration-related phenomena, inclusion has become an increasingly common normative ethical imperative in socio-political discourse. Considering inclusion as a situated interactive accomplishment, this article reports findings from a study on medical visits, each one involving… read more
It has been two decades since the social-material turn in social interaction studies proved the heuristic limits of a logocentric analytical geography. In this paper, we focus on the performative function of objects in an underexplored learning activity: parent-assisted homework. Adopting a… read more
Caronia, Letizia, Vittoria Colla and Renata Galatolo 2021 Chapter 2. Making unquestionable worlds: Morality building practices in family dinner dialoguesLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 87–120 | Chapter
Drawing on extant studies and research on language socialization and dinner talk, this chapter focuses on ordinary family interactions as socializing experiences and – at the same time – as culture-building activities. Adopting a conversation analytic approach, examples of video-recorded family… read more