Ruth Morris

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ruth Morris plays a role.


Morris, Ruth 2011 Images of the court interpreter: Professional identity, role definition and self-imageIdentity and Status in the Translational Professions, Sela-Sheffy, Rakefet and Miriam Shlesinger † (eds.), pp. 209–230 | Article
Today’s legal system generally demands that the interpreter function as a “faceless voice,” a conduit, that is, in a “neutral” and non-intrusive way. However, research has shown that in practice this is not the case, and interpreters themselves are increasingly coming to see their role as going… read more
Along a continuum of interlingual interpreting which begins with police investigations and may end in a supreme court, consistent quality must be assured in order to comply with the standards of justice to which enlightened countries aspire and lay claim. With the advent of the global village, the… read more
Morris, Ruth 2000 Plus ça change…? Community Interpreters at the End of the Twentieth CenturyThe Critical Link 2: Interpreters in the Community, Roberts, Roda P., Silvana E. Carr, Diana Abraham and Aideen Dufour (eds.), pp. 243 ff. | Article
Morris, Ruth 1999 The Face of Justice: Historical Aspects of Court InterpretingHistory of Interpreting, Kurz, Ingrid and Margareta Bowen (eds.), pp. 97–123 | Article
Historically, although overall attitudes to court interpreting vary over time, certain issues are perennial : in particular, an individual's right (or otherwise) to interpretation (entitlement), deciding whether a need for interpretation exists (determination), and interpreter competence (quality).… read more
Morris, Ruth 1990 Interpretation at the Demjanjuk TrialInterpreting: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Bowen, David and Margareta Bowen (eds.), pp. 101 ff. | Article