Suhua Hu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Suhua Hu plays a role.


Nuosu Yi is a Tibeto-Burman (henceforth TB) language lacking sufficient core case markers. Depending on the telicity and aspectuality of the predicates, its basic word order splits into APV and rigid PAV. To be specific, the atelic and/or imperfective predicates are APV, while the telic predicates… read more | Article
跨語言研究中的雙及物結構是一個句法-語義概念,由雙及物動詞及其三個論元——施事(A)、與事(R)和客體(T)組成,句法上可以有多種編碼方式,語義基礎為物品轉移義,其原型動詞是「給」。彝語諾蘇話「給」和其他的三個論元結構有一致性,可以將其公式化為:「N1:A-N2:T-ka³³-N3:R/L-V」或「N2:T-N1:A-ka³³-N3:R/L-V」,其語義基礎為處置義,ka³³是表示處置的輔動詞,支配客體T(heme)即N2;N3或為接受者R(ecipient),或為處所L(ocation);N1為施事者A(gent)。彝語諾蘇話沒有真正句法意義上的「雙及物」結構,而是通過兩個「單及物」結構, read more | Article
This paper aims to discuss the vitality and endangerment of Lalo, a Lolo-Burmese language spoken in Yunnan province in southwest China. Analysis of the data collected during the survey of the use of the Lalo language in Xiaowan area shows that this minority language is definitely endangered. The… read more | Article