Amalia Moser

List of John Benjamins publications for which Amalia Moser plays a role.


Tsiplakou, Stavroula, Spyros Armostis, Spyridoula Bella, Dimitris Michelioudakis and Amalia Moser 2019 Chapter 15. The past perfect in Cypriot Greek: Innovation because – or irrespective – of contact?Language Variation - European Perspectives VII: Selected papers from the Ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), Malaga, June 2017, Villena-Ponsoda, Juan-Andrés, Francisco Díaz Montesinos, Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz and Matilde Vida-Castro (eds.), pp. 231–244
The Cypriot Greek koine displays structural innovations, arguably as a result of prolonged contact with Standard Greek (SG), the ‘H’ variety in the diglossic context of the Greek Cypriot speech community. Periphrastic perfect forms are among such innovations. As regards the Past Perfect, in… read more | Chapter
Moser, Amalia and Eleni Panaretou 2011 Why a mother’s rule is not a law: The role of context in the interpretation of Greek lawsContext and Contexts: Parts meet whole?, Fetzer, Anita and Etsuko Oishi (eds.), pp. 11–40
This paper explores the role of meso- and macro-context in the interpretation of text, on the basis of our research on the text of Greek laws.The use of the grammatical categories of tense, aspect and modality in these texts deviates from everyday use (Panaretou 2005, Moser and Panaretou 2009). The… read more | Article