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Bridging the Gap: Empirical research in simultaneous interpretation

Edited by Sylvie Lambert and Barbara Moser-Mercer

[Benjamins Translation Library, 3] 1994. 362 pp.
Subjects Interpreting


Liu, Minhua, Ingrid Kurz, Barbara Moser-Mercer and Miriam Shlesinger †. 2020. The interpreter’s aging: A unique story of multilingual cognitive decline?. Translation, Cognition & Behavior 3:2, pp. 287–310
This article reports part of the first phase of the AIIC Lifespan Study, for which ten conference interpreters over 70 years old were interviewed to learn how interpreters’ professional language experiences interact with their cognitive functions and, specifically, if they demonstrate different… read more | Article
Shneider (2009) identifies four different stages in the development of a scientific discipline, and we can safely state that interpreting as a science has advanced from stage one to stage two, where scientists develop a toolbox of methods and techniques for the new discipline, and is currently… read more | Article
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This paper integrates the results of empirical research on interpreting processes with research on the neurophysiology of learning and expertise. The objective is to develop a better understanding of the potential neuro-physiological changes the human brain undergoes in adulthood in order to… read more | Article
Moser-Mercer, Barbara. 2008. Construct-ing quality. Efforts and Models in Interpreting and Translation Research: A tribute to Daniel Gile, Hansen, Gyde, Andrew Chesterman and Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast (eds.), pp. 143–156
There is a large body of research devoted to exploring quality in interpreting and various authors have identified survey methodology as one of the most frequently applied to this line of research. However, this line of research lacks fundamental and principled guidance regarding survey… read more | Article
Des aspects plutôt techniques caractérisent les débuts de l’interprétation simultanée et très peu d’intérêt est porté à la meilleure façon de l’enseigner et de l’apprendre. Cet article trace l’évolution des méthodes d’enseignement de l’interprétation simultanée dès les débuts dans les années 1920,… read more | Article
Over the past five years our research has focused on cognitive issues in simultaneous interpreting: the role of working memory, robustness of cognitive processes, simultaneity of language processes, and the emerging role of long-term working memory (LT-WM) in the development of expertise in… read more | Article
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This paper seeks to investigate the effect of increased time on task in simultaneous interpreting on the quality of interpretation and on physiological and psychological stress. Interpreters working for longer than approx. 30 minutes, the recommended turn time in simultaneous interpreting under… read more | Article
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