Michael Burke

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Scientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments

Edited by Michael Burke, Olivia Fialho and Sonia Zyngier

[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 24] 2016. xix, 309 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Language teaching | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Burke, Michael, Anezka Kuzmicova, Anne Mangen and Theresa Schilhab 2016 Empathy at the confluence of neuroscience and empirical literary studiesTransdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Empathy, Sopčák, Paul, Massimo Salgaro and J. Berenike Herrmann (eds.), pp. 6–41 | Article
The objective of this article is to review extant empirical studies of empathy in narrative reading in light of (a) contemporary literary theory, and (b) neuroscientific studies of empathy, and to discuss how a closer interplay between neuroscience and literary studies may enhance our… read more
Fialho, Olivia, Sonia Zyngier and Michael Burke 2016 Chapter 1. Empirical approaches to the study of literature in learning environments: An overviewScientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments, Burke, Michael, Olivia Fialho and Sonia Zyngier (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Article
Due to the variety of areas involved in the scientific study of literature in learning environments, this chapter provides an overview in six parts. Part 1 focuses on students’ perceptions of literature, how readers construct literary interpretation in the classroom, the growth of literary… read more
Comparisons are made between the conventions employed in public transport diagrams within the greater London area. A basic difference is noted between rail and bus networks. Individual conventions are commented upon; in addition to identifying functional differences (ie stopping point, interchange,… read more