Olga A. Thomason

List of John Benjamins publications for which Olga A. Thomason plays a role.


Thomason, Olga A. and Hanne Martine Eckhoff 2017 Overlaps in spatial encodings: Evidence from the Indo-European translations of the New TestamentSpace in Diachrony, Luraghi, Silvia, Tatiana Nikitina and Chiara Zanchi (eds.), pp. 41–66 | Chapter
This paper is a contrastive study of spatial encodings in the Greek manuscript of the New Testament and their parallels in Latin, Gothic, Classical Armenian and Old Church Slavic. Our data comes from the PROIEL corpus (University of Oslo). We take a strictly data-driven approach in this study and… read more
Eckhoff, Hanne Martine, Olga A. Thomason and Peter de Swart 2013 Mapping out the Source domain: Evidence from parallel Old Indo-European dataStudies in Language 37:2, pp. 302–355 | Article
This paper takes a strictly empirical approach to the encoding of spatial notions in the four ancient Indo-European languages Ancient Greek, Latin, Gothic and Old Church Slavonic. By generating semantic maps on the basis of parallel corpus data, without any semantic pre-analysis, we use methods… read more