Leyla Martı

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EUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 7 (2007)

Edited by Leah Roberts, Ayşe Gürel, Sibel Tatar and Leyla Martı

[EUROSLA Yearbook, 7] 2007. iv, 207 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Bayyurt, Yasemin and Leyla Martı 2016 Cross-linguistic effects in the use of suggestion formulas by L2 Turkish learnersSecond Language Acquisition of Turkish, Gürel, Ayşe (ed.), pp. 195–219
This study investigates the use of suggestions in second language (L2) Turkish produced by first language English speakers. The data were collected via a discourse completion task and essays in the form of a letter to a friend. Participants were 15 advanced L2 Turkish learners and 30 native Turkish… read more | Article