Klara Arvidsson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Klara Arvidsson plays a role.


The study abroad (SA) context is assumed to be ideal for second language (L2) learning because of the opportunities it provides to use the target language (TL) and to socialize with TL speakers. Although research conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic generally confirms this assumption, little is… read more | Article
This study takes a Usage-Based approach to the learning of French multiword expressions (MWEs) in Study Abroad (SA). MWEs are conventionalized form-meaning mappings, for example du coup (‘and so’) and en fait (‘actually’), and are assumed to be learned through repeated exposure. Based on this… read more | Article
Arvidsson, Klara, Fanny Forsberg Lundell et Inge Bartning 2019 Réseaux sociaux et développement linguistique: Une étude de cas en français L2Language, Interaction and Acquisition 10:2, pp. 255–288
Cette étude longitudinale contribue aux recherches sur l’acquisition d’une langue seconde (L2) dans le contexte de séjour linguistique à l'étranger (Study Abroad), où l’on s’intéresse de plus en plus à comprendre comment les facteurs non-linguistiques interagissent avec le développement… read more | Article
This exploratory study investigates the development of personality dimensions related to multicultural effectiveness and its relation to amount of target language use and self-perceived progress in speaking during a sojourn abroad in seven European countries. The participants were 59 Swedish and… read more | Article
Bartning, Inge, Klara Arvidsson and Fanny Forsberg Lundell 2015 Complexity at the phrasal level in spoken L1 and very advanced L2 FrenchLanguage, Interaction and Acquisition 6:2, pp. 181–201
This article examines linguistic complexity in the noun phrase in spoken L1 and L2 French. Research on linguistic complexity in L2 has often concentrated on syntactic complexity, subordination in particular. In this study, we focus on syntactic complexity at the phrasal level, i.e. in the noun… read more | Article