Nathan W. Hill

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nathan W. Hill plays a role.


The use of ནས་ -nas to mark cross-clausal co-reference in Version I of the Old Tibetan Rāmāyaṇa reveals accusative alignment in Tibetan syntax, which in turn vindicates the notion of ‘subject’ applied to Tibetan. read more | Article
Hill, Nathan W. 2017 The state of Sino-TibetanArchív Orientální 85:2, pp. 305–315
Hill, Nathan W. 2017 Old Chinese: A new reconstructionArchív Orientální 85:1, pp. 135–140
Song (2014) draws renewed attention to the problem of groups of Chinese words in which the character used to write one of the words has a stop final reading in Middle Chinese but the character used to write another of the words has an open syllable reading in Middle Chinese, although the two seem… read more | Article