Penny Stribling

List of John Benjamins publications for which Penny Stribling plays a role.


Children diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are frequently thought to be incapable of using communicative gestures. When children with an ASD undertake motor actions — other than practical actions (such as direct manipulation of the physical environment) — these are often taken to… read more | Article
Robins, Ben, Paul Dickerson, Penny Stribling and Kerstin Dautenhahn 2004 Robot-mediated joint attention in children with autism: A case study in robot-human interactionInteraction Studies 5:2, pp. 161–198
Interactive robots are used increasingly not only in entertainment and service robotics, but also in rehabilitation, therapy and education. The work presented in this paper is part of the Aurora project, rooted in assistive technology and robot-human interaction research. Our primary aim is to… read more | Article