Wolfgang G. Müller

Wolfgang G. Müller

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From Sign to Signing

Wolfgang G. Müller and Olga Fischer

[Iconicity in Language and Literature, 3] 2003. xiv, 441 pp.
Subjects Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Müller, Wolfgang G. 2011. Verbal irony in Shakespeare’s dramatic works. Bi-Directionality in the Cognitive Sciences: Avenues, challenges, and limitations, Callies, Marcus, Wolfram R. Keller and Astrid Lohöfer (eds.), pp. 195–210
The present study of Shakespeare’s use of irony refers to two theories, first, the echoic mention theory, which assumes that a speech act is ironic when the speaker mentions or echoes an earlier utterance in order to express an attitude of contempt or ridicule towards it, and, second, the theory of… read more | Article
Müller, Wolfgang G. 2010. Metrical inversion and enjambment in the context of syntactic and morphological structures: Towards a poetics of verse. Signergy, Conradie, C. Jac, Ronél Johl, Marthinus Beukes, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 347–363
This paper looks at the interdependence of metrical and linguistic units, focussing on metrical inversion and enjambment. While metrical texts favour (diagrammatic) iconicity as a result of equivalence (repetition) on the level of stress, foot, verse, stanza, etc., another source for iconicity is… read more | Article
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