Ann E. Mulkern

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ann E. Mulkern plays a role.


Clamons, Robbin, Ann E. Mulkern, Gerald A. Sanders and Nancy J. Stenson. 1999. The Limits of Formal Analysis: Pragmatic motivation in Oromo grammar. Functionalism and Formalism in Linguistics: Volume II: Case studies, Darnell, Michael, Edith A. Moravcsik, Michael Noonan, Frederick J. Newmeyer and Kathleen Wheatley (eds.), pp. 59 ff.
Gundel, Jeanette K. and Ann E. Mulkern. 1998. Quantity implicatures in reference understanding. The Concept of Reference in the Cognitive Sciences, Kronfeld, Amichai and Lawrence D. Roberts (eds.), pp. 21–45
Gundel, Hedberg and Zacharski (1993) propose a framework whereby different referring forms conventionally signal different cognitive statuses on an implica-tional 'givenness hierarchy'. Interaction of the hierarchy with Grice's Maxim of Quantity gives rise to scalar implicatures which further… read more | Article
Mulkern, Ann E. 1996. The Game of the Name. Reference and Referent Accessibility, Fretheim, Thorstein and Jeanette K. Gundel (eds.), pp. 235 ff.