Nydia Flores-Ferrán

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Romance Linguistics 2006: Selected papers from the 36th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New Brunswick, March-April 2006

Edited by José Camacho, Nydia Flores-Ferrán, Liliana Sánchez, Viviane Déprez and María José Cabrera

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 287] 2007. viii, 340 pp.
Subjects Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


The study explores how code switching (CS) manifests itself in adversarial episodes during meal time. In particular, it examines how CS emerges among members of a Korean American family as they wrangle, dispute, and argue in this intimate discursive setting. Several researchers have examined how… read more | Article
Labov and Fanshel’s (1977) seminal study on therapeutic discourse posits that the therapeutic interview contains general rules and patterns of face-to-face interaction that lend themselves to the examination of mitigation. This study investigates mitigation phenomena (e.g. bushes, shields) and… read more | Article
This article presents an exploration of several linguistic and discursive variables as they relate to behavior change obtained from psychotherapeutic motivational interviews. These interviews were conducted with native Spanish speakers, a relatively under investigated language minority group in the… read more | Article
Flores-Ferrán, Nydia 2007 16. Is the past really the past in narrative discourse?Spanish in Contact: Policy, Social and Linguistic Inquiries, Potowski, Kim and Richard Cameron (eds.), pp. 297–307
This sociolinguistic study investigates the production of verb tenses in the Spanish of thirty Puerto Rican residents of New York City (NYC). It discusses how verb tense production is conditioned by the narrative unit, conflict narrative style and foreground and background information within the… read more | Article
Cameron, Richard and Nydia Flores-Ferrán 2004 Perseveration of subject expression across regional dialects of SpanishSpanish in Context 1:1, pp. 41–65
Models of communication strictly as a function of intention and control founder when confronted by variationist findings of perseveration at different levels of linguistic structure in use. When Poplack (1981) finds that Spanish [s] leads to more [s] and that “zeros lead to zeros,” it is unclear… read more | Article