Alfonso Sánchez-Moya

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alfonso Sánchez-Moya plays a role.


Hidalgo-Downing, Laura, Paula Pérez Sobrino, Laura Filardo-Llamas, Carmen Maíz-Arévalo, Begoña Núñez Perucha, Alfonso Sánchez-Moya and Julia T. Williams Camus 2024 A protocol for the annotation of evaluative stance and metaphor across four discourse genresRevista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics: Online-First Articles | Article
The present article contributes to research on evaluation by addressing two complementary objectives: first, we present a protocol for the identification and annotation of evaluation in English discourse and, second, we show the results of the implementation of the protocol in the annotation of… read more
Cruz-Moya, Olga and Alfonso Sánchez-Moya 2021 Humour in multimodal times: Insights from online interactions among senior users of a WhatsApp groupPragmatics, Humour and the Internet, Yus, Francisco (ed.), pp. 52–86 | Article
WhatsApp groups have become a popular way of communication among relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances regardless of different backgrounds, such as culture, education or age. When conveyed in digital settings, humour is usually evoked through multimodal elements that can modify the… read more