Robin L. Thompson

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Sign language acquisition requires learning how to comprehend and produce a linguistic system that is visual in nature, as opposed to spoken language acquisition which uses the auditory-visual modality. In this chapter, we consider the impact this has for a child acquiring a sign language. We… read more
Thompson, Robin L., Rachel England, Bencie Woll, Jenny Lu, Katherine Mumford and Gary Morgan 2017 Deaf and hearing children’s picture naming: Impact of age of acquisition and language modality on representational gestureThe gesture–sign interface in language acquisition / L’interface geste–signe dans l’acquisition du langage, Morgenstern, Aliyah and Michèle Guidetti (eds.), pp. 69–88 | Article
Stefanini, Bello, Caselli, Iverson, & Volterra (2009) reported that Italian 24–36 month old children use a high proportion of representational gestures to accompany their spoken responses when labelling pictures. The two studies reported here used the same naming task with (1) typically… read more