Anita Naciscione

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Stylistic Use of Phraseological Units in Discourse

Anita Naciscione

[Not in series, 159] 2010. xiii, 292 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Naciscione, Anita. 2020. Chapter 11. Multimodal creativity in figurative use. Performing Metaphoric Creativity across Modes and Contexts, Hidalgo-Downing, Laura and Blanca Kraljevic Mujic (eds.), pp. 249–280
This chapter attempts to provide insights into actual language use in multimodal discourse. Observation and analysis focus on multimodal creative use of stylistic patterns: extended metaphor, metonymy, visual pun, allusion, hyperbole, personification. The study also brings out the role of semiotic… read more | Chapter
Naciscione, Anita. 2016. Chapter 12. Extended metaphor in the web of discourse. Mixing Metaphor, Gibbs, Jr., Raymond W. (ed.), pp. 241–266
This chapter explores extended metaphor in the cognitive stylistic framework. Extended metaphor defines as an entrenched stylistic pattern of both thought and language, reflecting extended figurative thought. It is a cognitive inference tool, applicable in new figurative thought instantiations. A… read more | Article