Michael Zimmermann

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael Zimmermann plays a role.


Zimmermann, Michael. 2016. The status of subject pronouns in Modern Standard French revisited. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 10: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 28, Lisbon, Carrilho, Ernestina, Alexandra Fiéis, Maria Lobo and Sandra Pereira (eds.), pp. 305–324
This paper readdresses the long-standing debate on the morpho-syntactic status of subject pronouns in the contemporary formal variety of French by reinvestigating this issue along with those of the number of their paradigms and the null subject property. On the basis of the discussion of proposals… read more | Article
Kaiser, Georg and Michael Zimmermann. 2011. On the decrease in subject-verb inversion in French declaratives. The Development of Grammar: Language acquisition and diachronic change, Rinke, Esther and Tanja Kupisch (eds.), pp. 355–381
This paper discusses the evolution of subject-verb inversion in declarative root clauses in French. The frequent occurrence of such constructions in Medieval French is generally accounted for in terms of a V2 analysis, and their marginality in Modern French is attributed to the loss of V2. Given… read more | Article