Lesleyanne Hawthorne

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lesleyanne Hawthorne plays a role.


Hawthorne, Lesleyanne 1996 The politicisation of English: The case of the step test and the Chinese studentsThe Language Testing Cycle: From inception to washback, Wigglesworth, Gillian and Catherine Elder (eds.), pp. 13–32
The past decade in Australia has been characterised by a striking growth in the application of language testing, frequently in contexts governed by macro-political pressures. Despite this, the literature to date has rarely placed its first emphasis on the pragmatic considerations which typically… read more | Article
More than 12,000 migrant engineers have migrated to Australia in the past four years – the majority NESB professionals of prime workforce age selected under the skilled immigration program. These engineers are currently experiencing extreme levels of unemployment – in part due to Australia’s… read more | Article