Silvio Cruschina

Silvio Cruschina

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Italian Dialectology at the Interfaces

Edited by Silvio Cruschina, Adam Ledgeway and Eva-Maria Remberger

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 251] 2019. vi, 369 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Morphology | Romance linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

The Rise and Development of Evidential and Epistemic Markers

Edited by Silvio Cruschina and Eva-Maria Remberger

Special issue of Journal of Historical Linguistics 7:1/2 (2017) vi, 274 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics


In this paper, I discuss a periphrastic construction involving the verb go in Sicilian that is used to express surprise and unexpectedness with respect to a past event. I show that the special meaning and function of this structure is best accounted for by postulating that in this construction the… read more | Chapter
It is commonly held that focus fronting exhibits similar properties to wh-movement. The syntactic parallelism between the two types of movement has been supported by the semantic analyses of wh-questions that assume that when wh-words function as interrogative operators, they are inherently focal.… read more | Chapter
Cruschina, Silvio, Adam Ledgeway and Eva-Maria Remberger. 2019. The dialects of Italy at the interfaces. Italian Dialectology at the Interfaces, Cruschina, Silvio, Adam Ledgeway and Eva-Maria Remberger (eds.), pp. 1–39
Cruschina, Silvio. 2018. Setting the boundaries: Presentational ci-sentences in Italian. Non-prototypical clefts, Karssenberg, Lena, Karen Lahousse, Béatrice Lamiroy, Stefania Marzo and Ana Drobnjakovic (eds.), pp. 53–85
Constructions that are typically used to introduce a new referent into the discourse may extend this function so as to introduce a new event or situation. In this paper, I examine the case of presentational ci-sentences in Italian, which have developed exactly this new function out of existential… read more | Article
Cruschina, Silvio and Eva-Maria Remberger. 2018. Speaker-oriented syntax and root clause complementizers. Variation in C: Comparative approaches to the Complementizer Phrase, Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi (eds.), pp. 336–358
The object of study of this paper is a Romance construction characterized by the presence of the complementizer in root clauses and by an evidential or epistemic meaning (i.e. C-constructions). In these structures, the complementizer is preceded by a functional element that morphologically… read more | Article
Cruschina, Silvio and Eva-Maria Remberger. 2017. The rise and development of evidential and epistemic markers. The Rise and Development of Evidential and Epistemic Markers, Cruschina, Silvio and Eva-Maria Remberger (eds.), pp. 1–8
Cruschina, Silvio and Eva-Maria Remberger. 2017. Chapter 3. Before the complementizer: Adverb types and root clause modification. Adjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance, Hummel, Martin and Salvador Valera (eds.), pp. 81–109
In this paper we investigate the distributional, morphosyntactic, and semantic properties of a particular construction found in Romance, as well as in other languages such as English. This construction involves a class of elements that appear in sentence-initial position and that are followed by… read more | Chapter
Bianchi, Valentina, Giuliano Bocci and Silvio Cruschina. 2015. Focus fronting and its implicatures. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2013: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Amsterdam 2013, Aboh, Enoch O., Jeannette Schaeffer and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 1–20
In this paper we investigate the essential semantic and pragmatic features associated with Focus Fronting (FF) in Italian, with the ultimate aim of identifying the actual trigger of this syntactic operation. After introducing the different contexts that could in principle be compatible with FF, we… read more | Article
Cruschina, Silvio. 2015. Some notes on clefting and fronting. Structures, Strategies and Beyond: Studies in honour of Adriana Belletti, Di Domenico, Elisa, Cornelia Hamann and Simona Matteini (eds.), pp. 181–208
In this paper I test the predictions of a conjecture formulated in Belletti (2008), according to which the distinction between subject and non-subject clefts as answering strategies should not hold in languages in which information focus and contrastive focus are both realized in the left periphery… read more | Article
This paper focuses on the syntactic role of the features related to discourse and information structure. It is argued that information-structure notions are encoded in syntax as syntactic features projecting their own phrase structure, and are fundamental in accounting for cross-linguistic… read more | Article