Terhi Korkiakangas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Terhi Korkiakangas plays a role.


Dindar, Katja, Terhi Korkiakangas, Aarno Laitila and Eija Kärnä. 2016. Facilitating joint attention with salient pointing in interactions involving children with autism spectrum disorder. Gesture 15:3, pp. 372–403
Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) reportedly have difficulties in responding to bids for joint attention, notably in following pointing gestures. Previous studies have predominantly built on structured observation measures and predefined coding categories to measure children’s… read more | Article
The well-known impairments in the social use of eye-gaze by children with autism have been chiefly explored through experimental methods. The present study aims to contribute to the naturalistic analysis of social eye-gaze by applying Conversation Analysis to video recordings of three Finnish… read more | Article