Sang-Oak Lee

Sang-Oak Lee

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Writing Systems and Linguistic Structure

Edited by Sang-Oak Lee

Special issue of Written Language & Literacy 12:2 (2009) iv, 134 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Language teaching | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy


This study explores the use of keywords in proverbs in Korean, English, Chinese, and Indonesian. The study applies the traditional corpus linguistic tools of frequency and ranking to the keywords found in proverbs in an attempt to characterize the proverbs of these languages. The frequency data… read more | Article
In the study of writing systems, there is an ongoing debate what qualifies an alphabet as featural. De Francis (1989) claims that Alexander Melville Bell’s Visible Speech (VS) is featural because Bell idealized the consistency of his VS’s C-shaped letters, which resemble the general shape of the… read more | Article
Lee, Sang-Oak. 2009. Writing systems and linguistic structure. Writing Systems and Linguistic Structure, Lee, Sang-Oak (ed.), pp. 159–160