Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

27 March 2023

Language practices and policies of Singaporean-Japanese families in Singapore
Francesco Cavallaro, Yan Kang Tan, Wenhan Xie and Ng Bee Chin | 26 pp.

23 March 2023

The pragmatics of alternative futures in political discourses: Legitimising the politics of preemption in Trump’s discourse on Iran
Ali Basarati, Hadaegh Rezaei and Mohammad Amouzadeh | 27 pp.

7 March 2023

Concepts and context in relevance-theoretic pragmatics: New developments
Agnieszka Piskorska and Manuel Padilla Cruz | 11 pp.

24 February 2023

Non-literal uses of proper names in XYZ constructions: A relevance theory perspective
Ewa Wałaszewska | 25 pp.
If I testify about others, my testimony is valid: A study of other-justified discourses in Chinese online medical crowdfunding
Xin Zhao and Yansheng Mao | 22 pp.

17 January 2023

Korean imperatives at two different speech levels: Alternate ways of taking part in others’ actions and affairs
Mary Shin Kim | 33 pp.
“Let’s … together” Rapport management in Chinese directive public signs
Xiaochun Sun and Xinren Chen | 23 pp.

10 January 2023

Intergenerational interviews in Negev Arabic: Negotiating lexical, discursive and cultural gaps
Roni Henkin | 28 pp.

1 December 2022

How broadcasters enhance rapport with viewers in live streaming commerce: A genre-based discourse analysis
Xingsong Shi and Huanqin Dou | 26 pp.

28 November 2022

Hong Kong Cantonese TV talk shows: When code-switching manifests as impoliteness

24 November 2022

Japanese no datta and no de atta in written discourse: Past forms of no da and no de aru
Hironori Nishi | 25 pp.

14 November 2022

Has madam read Wilson (2016)? A procedural account of the T/V forms in Polish
Agnieszka Piskorska | 19 pp.
Overlaps in collaboration adjustments: A cross-genre study of female university students’ interactions in American English and Japanese
Lala Takeda | 28 pp.

7 November 2022

Ad hoc concepts and the relevance heuristics: A false paradox?
Benoit Leclercq | 19 pp.

31 October 2022

Nigerian stand-up comediennes performing femininity: A pragmatic analysis
Paralanguage and ad hoc concepts
Manuel Padilla Cruz | 26 pp.

24 October 2022

Japanese turn-final tteyuu as a formulation device
Yuki Arita | 28 pp.

14 October 2022

How to be authentic on Instagram: Self-presentation and language choice of Basque university students in a multi-scalar context

6 September 2022

Deceptive clickbaits in the relevance-theoretic lens: What makes them similar to punchlines
Maria Jodlowiec | 19 pp.

1 August 2022

Perceptual resemblance and the communication of emotion in digital contexts: A case of emoji and reaction GIFs
Ryoko Sasamoto | 25 pp.