Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

18 November 2020

Managing trouble spots in conversation: Other-initiated repair elicitations produced by a bilingual youth with autism
Wendy Klein | 25 pp.
Taboo vocatives in the language of London teenagers
Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez | 28 pp.

17 November 2020

Positively bitter and negatively sweet?: Conventional implicatures and compatibility condition of emotive taste terms in Korean vs. English
Suwon Yoon | 27 pp.

10 November 2020

Mi-nominalizations in Japanese Wakamono Kotoba ‘youth language’
Tohru Seraku | 25 pp.

6 November 2020

Alternative questions and their responses in English interaction
Veronika Drake | 25 pp.

2 September 2020

Enacting ‘Being with You’: Vocative uses of du (“you”) in German everyday interaction
Pepe Droste and Susanne Günthner | 27 pp.

25 August 2020

The functional components of telephone conversation opening phase in Jordanian Arabic
Mohammed Nahar Al-Ali and Rana N. Abu-Abah | 27 pp.
Dear, my dear, my lady, your ladyship: Meaning and use of address term modulation by my
Anouk Buyle | 29 pp.
A Tale of four measures of pragmatic knowledge in an EFL institutional context
Rasoul Mohammad Hosseinpur, Reza Bagheri Nevisi and Abolreza Lowni | 30 pp.
The pragmatics of text-emoji co-occurrences on Chinese social media
Xiran Yang and Meichun Liu | 29 pp.