Review of Cognitive Linguistics

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

22 September 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic and changing meanings of flatten the curve: A cognitive semantic approach
Iksoo Kwon and Iksoo Kwon | 36 pp.

15 September 2023

The Spanish subjunctive and grounding: A cognitive approach to the cante paradigm
Dana Kratochvílová | 41 pp.
The physics of time: How visual entropy cues influence spatial conceptions of time
Renqiang Wang, Heng Li and Bo Yang | 21 pp.

11 July 2023

A mental spaces analysis of religious identity discourse
Charles M. Mueller, Peter Richardson and Stephen Pihlaja | 23 pp.

27 June 2023

Cuanto(s) más datos, (tanto) mejor: A corpus-based study of the Spanish comparative correlative construction
Jakob Horsch | 54 pp.

23 June 2023

The polysemy of the Japanese temperature adjective atsui: A behavioral profile analysis
Haitao Wang, Toshiyuki Kanamaru and Ke Li | 29 pp.

6 June 2023

Hydro-political power of the Nile: A cognitive-linguistic analysis of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Egyptian–Ethiopian discourse
Reham El Shazly and May Samir El Falaky | 35 pp.
Capturing meaningful generalizations at varying degrees of resolution: The case of the family of ser muy de -PP constructions in present-day Spanish
Francisco Gonzálvez-García | 53 pp.

30 May 2023

The competition between noun-verb conversion and - ize derivation: Contrastive analyses of two productive English verb-formation processes
Heike Baeskow | 31 pp.
What foreign language learners make of grammatical descriptions depends on description type, proficiency, and context
Daniel Jach | 34 pp.

26 May 2023

Gradience in iconicity: Evidence from total reduplicative constructions in Nigerian Pidgin
Nancy Chiagolum Odiegwu and Jesús Romero-Trillo | 27 pp.

23 May 2023

A case for metonymic synesthesia: Describing olfactory stimuli in terms of taste adjectives in German
Máté Tóth | 30 pp.

10 May 2023

Culture in a radically usage-based model of language change, with special reference to constructional attrition
Dirk Noël | 24 pp.
Paradigms as second-order schemas in English noun-participle compounding
Hongwei Zhan, Sihong Huang and Lei Sun | 34 pp.

20 April 2023

Review of Peréz Sobrino & Littlemore Ford (2021): Unpacking creativity. The power of figurative communication in advertising
Jana Pelclová | 6 pp.

4 April 2023

Collostructional analysis on Chinese modal verb construction neng bu neng + VP
Weijia Shan and Zhengjun Lin | 26 pp.

3 April 2023

The semantic mapping of the German spatial preposition JENSEITS
Franka Kermer | 27 pp.

27 March 2023

Top-down and bottom-up approaches to teaching English verb-particle constructions: Construction-based and metaphor-based instruction
Min-Chang Sung | 29 pp.

14 March 2023

Separation events in Mandarin, Russian and Korean: A crosslinguistic event-categorization study
Jing Du, Fuyin Thomas Li, Yanlei Ge and Jinkai Zhang | 34 pp.

2 March 2023

An onomasiological competition: A view from sociocultural perspective
Vladimir Glebkin | 20 pp.
Move in a crowd: Social crowding and metaphorical perspectives on the movement of events in time
Heng Li and Yu Cao | 17 pp.
From a war of defense to conventional wars: Military metaphors for COVID-19 containment in Chinese documentaries
Ping Tang and Yi Sun | 25 pp.

24 February 2023

: A corpus-based comparative study in English and Chinese economic media discourse
Yuting Xu, Terry Royce and Chunyu Hu | 33 pp.