Illocution, attitudes and prosody

A multimodal analysis

Video files Female assertive arrogance Female assertive authority Female assertive contempt Female assertive doubt Female assertive incredulity Female assertive irony Female assertive irritation Female assertive neutral Female assertive obviousness Female assertive politeness Female assertive seduction Female assertive surprise Female directive arrogance Female directive authority Female directive challenge Female directive contempt Female directive irritation Female directive neutral Female directive politeness Female directive request Female directive seduction Female directive suggestion Female directive supplication Female directive warning Female interrogative arrogance Female interrogative authority Female interrogative confirmation Female interrogative contempt Female interrogative incredulity Female interrogative irritation Female interrogative neutral Female interrogative politeness Female interrogative rhetoricity Female interrogative seduction Female interrogative surprise Male assertive arrogance Male assertive authority Male assertive contempt Male assertive doubt Male assertive incredulity Male assertive irony Male assertive irritation Male assertive neutral Male assertive obviousness Male assertive politeness Male assertive seduction Male assertive surprise Male directive arrogance Male directive authority Male directive challenge Male directive contempt Male directive irritation Male directive neutral Male directive politeness Male directive request Male directive seduction Male directive suggestion Male directive supplication Male directive warning Male interrogative arrogance Male interrogative authority Male interrogative confirmation Male interrogative contempt Male interrogative incredulity Male interrogative irritation Male interrogative neutral Male interrogative politeness Male interrogative rhetoricity Male interrogative seduction Male interrogative surpriseback to main page.