Chapter published in:
Corpora and the Changing Society: Studies in the evolution of English
Edited by Paula Rautionaho, Arja Nurmi and Juhani Klemola
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics 96] 2020
► pp. 79112

Corpora and tools

ACRONYM = Automatic Collocational Retrieval of NYMS project
1994–1997, Liverpool University. http://​rdues​.bcu​.ac​.uk​/acronym​.shtml
APRIL = Automatic Prediction of Innovation in Language project
1997–2000, Liverpool University. http://​rdues​.bcu​.ac​.uk​/april​.shtml
AVIATOR = Analysis of Verbal Interaction & Text Retrieval project
1990–1993, Birmingham University. http://​rdues​.bcu​.ac​.uk​/aviator​.shtml
WebCorpLSE = WebCorp Linguist’s Search Engine tools

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