Toward a Historiography of Linguistics

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The papers brought together in the present volume represent the essence of the author’s reflections on issues concerning linguistic historiography and of particular investigations in 19th and 20th century linguistic thought. The papers are clustered in three sections: I. Towards a Historiography of Linguistics, II. Appraisals of Individual Scholars, and III. Trends and Traditions in Linguistics.
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Table of Contents
Robert H. Robins
Author's Preface
I. Toward a Historiography of Linguistics
1. Linguistic Historiography till 1970: A state-of-the-art report
2. Towards a Historiography of Linguistics: 19th and 20th century paradigms
3. Four Types of History Writing in Linguistics
4. The Importance of Linguistic Historiography and the Place of History in Linguistic Science
II. Appraisals of Individual Scholars
5. Hermann Paul and Synchronic Linguistics
6. Jan Baudouin de Courtenay: His place in the history of linguistic science
7. A Minor Figure in 19th-century French Linguistics: A. Dufriche-Desgenettes
8. Animadversions on Some Recent Claims regarding the Relationship between Georg von der Gabelentz and Ferdinand de Saussure
III. Trends and Traditions in Linguistics
9. Bloomfieldian Linguistics and the Problem of ‘Meaning’: A chapter in the history of the theory and study of language
10. Zu Ursprung und Entwicklung des Phonem-Begriffs: Eine historische Notiz
11. 1876 as a Turning Point in the History of Linguistics
12. Zu Ursprung und Geschichte der Besternung in der historischen Sprachwissenschaft Eine historiographische Notiz
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