200 Years of Syntax

A critical survey

Giorgio Graffi | University of Verona
ISBN 9789027245878 (Eur) | EUR 140.00
ISBN 9781588110527 (USA) | USD 210.00
ISBN 9789027284570 | EUR 140.00 | USD 210.00
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This book argues convincingly against the widespread opinion that very few syntactic studies were carried out before the 1950s. Relying on the detailed analysis of a large amount of original sources, it shows that syntactic matters were in fact carefully investigated throughout both the 19th century and during the first half of the 20th century. Moreover, it illustrates how the enormous development of syntactic research in the last fifty years has already condemned even several recent ideas and analyses to oblivion, and deeply influenced current research programs. The wealth of research undertaken over the last two centuries is presented here in a systematic way, taking as its starting point the relationship of syntax with psychology throughout this period. The critical ideas expressed in the text are based on a detailed illustration of the different syntactic models and analyses rather than on the polemics between the different schools.
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“[...] an outstanding work by any standard according to which a broad historical overview might be judged, including (but not limited to) descriptive coverage, analysis, and insight. I have no doubt that it will remain the standard source on the history of syntactic theorizing for years to come.”
“A marvelous work, equally rich in factual detail and in interpretation of the historical record. I would unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone who desires to understand the tortuous development of syntactic theory in the past two centuries.”
“This is [...] a pioneering work. No earlier work reconstructs the general area of syntax as it developed during these two centuries.”
“[...] highly educational for modern syntacticians, who may not be aware of the wealth and the scope of syntactic research which dates back to the 19th Century and before. [...] The real value of this book lies in its treatment of the larger issues in the history of syntactic theory and how they relate to our modern concerns.”
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