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Book Series



PS 7:4
(Co-)Constructing Interpersonally Sensitive Activities Across Institutional Settings
Edited by Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen and Rosina Márquez Reiter
[Pragmatics and Society, 7:4] 2016.  v, 186 pp.
JLS 10:1
10th Anniversary Issue
Edited by William L. Leap and Heiko Motschenbacher
[Journal of Language and Sexuality, 10:1] 2021.  v, 96 pp.
LPLP 43:2
40 Years of Bill 101 in Québec
Edited by François Vaillancourt
[Language Problems and Language Planning, 43:2] 2019.  v, 138 pp.
Acquiring Sociolinguistic Variation
Edited by Gunther De Vogelaer and Matthias Katerbow
[Studies in Language Variation, 20] 2017.  vi, 347 pp.
RESLA 29:2
The Acquisition and Processing of Spanish and Portuguese Morphosyntax
Edited by Rachel Klassen, Anahí Alba de la Fuente, Joanne Markle LaMontagne and Almudena Basanta y Romero-Valdespino
Address Variation in Sociocultural Context
Agnese Bresin
[Topics in Address Research, 2] 2021.  xxi, 290 pp.
CoLL 57
Advances in Contact Linguistics
Edited by Norval Smith, Tonjes Veenstra and Enoch O. Aboh
[Contact Language Library, 57] 2020.  ix, 400 pp.
Advances in Sociophonetics
Edited by Chiara Celata and Silvia Calamai
[Studies in Language Variation, 15] 2014.  vi, 214 pp.
P&bns 282
Advances in Swearing Research
Edited by Kristy Beers Fägersten and Karyn Stapleton
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 282] 2017.  vi, 266 pp.
Africa and Applied Linguistics
Edited by Sinfree Makoni and Ulrike H. Meinhof
[AILA Review, 16] 2003.  ii, 173 pp.
CLL 45
Agency in the Emergence of Creole Languages
Edited by Nicholas Faraclas
[Creole Language Library, 45] 2012.  xiii, 246 pp.
Amazonian Spanish
Edited by Stephen Fafulas
[Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 23] 2020.  viii, 303 pp.
Z 68
American Dialect Research
Edited by Dennis R. Preston
[Not in series, 68] 1993.  xiv, 464 pp.
Z 86
American Sociolinguistics
Stephen O. Murray
[Not in series, 86] 1998.  x, 339 pp.
P&bns 74
Analysing Professional Genres
Edited by Anna Trosborg
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 74] 2000.  xvi, 256 pp.
SiHoLS 86
And Along Came Boas
Regna Darnell
LIS 18
Anglicisms, Neologisms and Dynamic French
Michael D. Picone
[Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 18] 1996.  xii, 462 pp.
Z 174
The Anglicization of European Lexis
Edited by Cristiano Furiassi, Virginia Pulcini and Félix Rodríguez González
[Not in series, 174] 2012.  ix, 356 pp.
PS 9:1
Anglo-German Discourse Crossings and Contrasts
Edited by Sylvia Jaworska and Torsten Leuschner
[Pragmatics and Society, 9:1] 2018.  vi, 172 pp.
Applied Linguistics in the Middle East and North Africa
Edited by Atta Gebril
[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 15] 2017.  ix, 390 pp.
Impact 15
Applying Sociolinguistics
Diana Boxer
P&bns 318
Approaches to Internet Pragmatics
Edited by Chaoqun Xie, Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 318] 2021.  vii, 348 pp.
JPCL 36:1
Approaches to Variation in Creole Studies
Edited by Isabelle Léglise, Bettina Migge and Nicolas Quint
[Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 36:1] 2021.  v, 219 pp.
Impact 3
Approaching Dialogue
Per Linell
Arabic in Contact
Edited by Stefano Manfredi and Mauro Tosco
[Studies in Arabic Linguistics, 6] 2018.  vi, 372 pp.
JPCL 29:2
Arabic-based Pidgins and Creoles
Edited by Stefano Manfredi and Mauro Tosco
[Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 29:2] 2014.  v, 253 pp.
AIC 10
Argumentation across Communities of Practice
Edited by Cornelia Ilie and Giuliana Garzone
[Argumentation in Context, 10] 2017.  vi, 345 pp.
The Art of Commemoration
Edited by Titus Ensink and Christoph Sauer
Aspect in Grammatical Variation
Edited by James A. Walker
[Studies in Language Variation, 6] 2010.  vi, 150 pp.
Aspects of Latin American Spanish Dialectology
Edited by Manuel Díaz-Campos and Sandro Sessarego
Aspects of Multilingualism in European Language History
Edited by Kurt Braunmüller and Gisella Ferraresi
[Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism, 2] 2003.  viii, 291 pp.
CLL 11
Atlantic Meets Pacific
Edited by Francis Byrne and John Holm †
[Creole Language Library, 11] 1993.  ix, 465 pp.
Bermudian English
Nicole Eberle
[Varieties of English Around the World, G64] 2021.  xv, 231 pp.
P&bns 144
Beyond Misunderstanding
Edited by Kristin Bührig and Jan D. ten Thije
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 144] 2006.  vi, 339 pp.
A Bibliography of Writings on Varieties of English, 1965–1983
Compiled by Wolfgang Viereck, Edgar W. Schneider and Manfred Görlach
[Varieties of English Around the World, G3] 1984.  iv, 319 pp.
P&b V:8
Bilingual Conversation
Peter Auer
[Pragmatics & Beyond, V:8] 1984.  ix, 116 pp.
SiBil 25
Bilingual Couples Talk
Ingrid Piller
[Studies in Bilingualism, 25] 2002.  xii, 315 pp.
SiBil 42
Bilingual Youth
Edited by Kim Potowski and Jason Rothman
[Studies in Bilingualism, 42] 2011.  vi, 371 pp.
SiBil 37
Bilingualism and Identity
Edited by Mercedes Niño-Murcia and Jason Rothman
[Studies in Bilingualism, 37] 2008.  vii, 365 pp.
SiBil 44
Bilingualism in the USA
Fredric Field
[Studies in Bilingualism, 44] 2011.  xviii, 320 pp.
P&bns 314
Bonding through Context
Edited by Risako Ide and Kaori Hata
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 314] 2020.  vii, 291 pp.
P&bns 139
Broadening the Horizon of Linguistic Politeness
Edited by Robin T. Lakoff and Sachiko Ide
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 139] 2005.  xii, 342 pp.
SCL 81
Building and Using the Siarad Corpus
Margaret Deuchar, Peredur Webb-Davies and Kevin Donnelly
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 81] 2018.  vii, 199 pp.
Loreto Todd
[Varieties of English Around the World, T1] 1982.  180 pp., 1 map.
Cameroon Pidgin English
Miriam Ayafor and Melanie Green
PS 10:3
Categorization in multilingual storytelling
Edited by Matthew T. Prior and Steven Talmy
[Pragmatics and Society, 10:3] 2019.  vi, 163 pp.
Changing Genre Conventions in Historical English News Discourse
Edited by Birte Bös and Lucia Kornexl
[Advances in Historical Sociolinguistics, 5] 2015.  xiv, 254 pp.
Chicano English
Joyce Penfield and Jacob L. Ornstein-Galicia
[Varieties of English Around the World, G7] 1985.  vii, 112 pp.
PS 6:2
Circulating Signs and People: Politics, affect, ethnography
Edited by N. Daniel Silva
[Pragmatics and Society, 6:2] 2015.  vi, 144 pp.
SLCS 54-55
Circum-Baltic Languages
Edited by Östen Dahl and Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 54-55] 2001.  xx, 382 pp. & xx, 423 pp.
Circum-Baltic Languages
Edited by Östen Dahl and Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 54] 2001.  xx, 382 pp.
BCT 59
Cognitive Sociolinguistics
Edited by Martin Pütz, Justyna A. Robinson and Monika Reif
[Benjamins Current Topics, 59] 2014.  v, 214 pp.
P&bns 235
Communities of Practice in the History of English
Edited by Joanna Kopaczyk and Andreas H. Jucker
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 235] 2013.  vii, 291 pp.
CILT 231
Comparative Historical Dialectology
Thomas D. Cravens
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 231] 2002.  xii, 163 pp.
Comparative Studies in Australian and New Zealand English
Edited by Pam Peters, Peter Collins and Adam Smith
[Varieties of English Around the World, G39] 2009.  x, 406 pp.
P&bns 39
Computer-Mediated Communication
Edited by Susan C. Herring
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 39] 1996.  viii, 326 pp.
CLU 19
Consensus and Dissent
Edited by Anne Storch
[Culture and Language Use, 19] 2017.  vii, 252 pp.
SiN 4
Considering Counter-Narratives
Edited by Michael Bamberg and Molly Andrews
[Studies in Narrative, 4] 2004.  x, 381 pp.
NSS 10
Consonant Strength in Upper German Dialects
Kurt Gustav Goblirsch
[NOWELE Supplement Series, 10] 1994.  vi, 127 pp.
Constructing Languages
Edited by Francesc Feliu and Josep Maria Nadal
Contact Englishes of the Eastern Caribbean
Edited by Michael Aceto and Jeffrey P. Williams
[Varieties of English Around the World, G30] 2003.  xx, 322 pp.
CLL 17
Contact Languages
Edited by Sarah G. Thomason
[Creole Language Library, 17] 1997.  xiii, 506 pp.
SLCS 159
Contact, Variation, and Change in the History of English
Edited by Simone E. Pfenninger, Olga Timofeeva, Anne-Christine Gardner, Alpo Honkapohja, Marianne Hundt and Daniel Schreier
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 159] 2014.  vi, 326 pp.
Contemporary Chinese Discourse and Social Practice in China
Edited by Linda Tsung and Wei Wang
[Studies in Chinese Language and Discourse, 4] 2015.  xvi, 223 pp.
Contemporary Indian English
Andreas Sedlatschek
[Varieties of English Around the World, G38] 2009.  xix, 363 pp.
Contemporary Sociolinguistics
Aleksandr D. Švejcer
Contested Languages
Edited by Marco Tamburelli and Mauro Tosco
[Studies in World Language Problems, 8] 2021.  vi, 271 pp.
P&bns 162
Context and Appropriateness
Edited by Anita Fetzer
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 162] 2007.  vi, 265 pp.
LA 159
Continuity and Change in Grammar
Edited by Anne Breitbarth, Christopher Lucas, Sheila Watts and David Willis
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 159] 2010.  viii, 359 pp.
LA 248
A Contrastive Grammar of Brazilian Pomeranian
Gertjan Postma
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 248] 2019.  xxxi, 312 pp.
Controversy and Confrontation
Edited by Frans H. van Eemeren and Bart Garssen
[Controversies, 6] 2008.  xiii, 278 pp.
Convergence and Divergence in Language Contact Situations
Edited by Kurt Braunmüller and Juliane House
[Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism, 8] 2009.  viii, 241 pp.
CLD 7:2
Conversation Analysis in Chinese
Edited by Sandra A. Thompson and Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 7:2] 2016.  v, 166 pp.
CLD 10:2
Conversation Analysis in Chinese: Part II
Edited by Ni-Eng Lim
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 10:2] 2019.  v, 175 pp.
P&bns 89
Conversational Dominance and Gender
Hiroko Itakura
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 89] 2001.  xviii, 231 pp.
SCL 96
Corpora and the Changing Society
Edited by Paula Rautionaho, Arja Nurmi and Juhani Klemola
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 96] 2020.  xii, 305 pp.
SCL 100
Corpora, Constructions, New Englishes
Samantha Laporte
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 100] 2021.  xxii, 395 pp.
Corpus Analysis and Variation in Linguistics
Edited by Yuji Kawaguchi, Makoto Minegishi and Jacques Durand
[Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1] 2009.  vi, 399 pp.
SCL 98
Corpus Approaches to Social Media
Edited by Sofia Rüdiger and Daria Dayter
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 98] 2020.  vi, 210 pp.
SCL 88
Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes
Edited by Alexandra U. Esimaje, Ulrike Gut and Bassey E. Antia
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 88] 2019.  ix, 403 pp.
SCL 57
Corpus Perspectives on Patterns of Lexis
Edited by Hilde Hasselgård, Jarle Ebeling and Signe Oksefjell Ebeling
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 57] 2013.  viii, 299 pp.
SCL 38
Corpus and Sociolinguistics
Bróna Murphy
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 38] 2010.  xviii, 231 pp.
Corpus-based Analysis and Diachronic Linguistics
Edited by Yuji Kawaguchi, Makoto Minegishi and Wolfgang Viereck
[Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 3] 2011.  vi, 293 pp.
SCL 103
Corpus-based Approaches to Register Variation
Edited by Elena Seoane and Douglas Biber
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 103] 2021.  xi, 338 pp. + index
SCL 91
Corpus-based Research on Variation in English Legal Discourse
Edited by Teresa Fanego and Paula Rodríguez-Puente
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 91] 2019.  vii, 294 pp.
CLL 24
Creole Discourse
Susanne Mühleisen
[Creole Language Library, 24] 2002.  xiv, 332 pp.
CLL 25
Creole Formation as Language Contact
Bettina Migge
[Creole Language Library, 25] 2003.  xii, 151 pp.
CLL 20
Creole Genesis, Attitudes and Discourse
Edited by John R. Rickford and Suzanne Romaine
[Creole Language Library, 20] 1999.  viii, 418 pp.
JPCL 20:1
Creole Language in Creole Literatures
Edited by Susanne Mühleisen
[Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 20:1] 2005.  232 pp.
JPCL 26:1
Creoles and Typology
Edited by Parth Bhatt and Tonjes Veenstra
[Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 26:1] 2011.  v, 233 pp.
CLL 27
Creoles, Contact, and Language Change
Edited by Geneviève Escure and Armin Schwegler
[Creole Language Library, 27] 2004.  x, 355 pp.
CLL 23
Creolization and Contact
Edited by Norval Smith and Tonjes Veenstra
[Creole Language Library, 23] 2001.  vi, 323 pp.
P&bns 277
Cultural Keywords in Discourse
Edited by Carsten Levisen and Sophia Waters
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 277] 2017.  ix, 249 pp.
P&bns 81
Culture in Communication
Edited by Aldo Di Luzio, Susanne Günthner and Franca Orletti
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 81] 2001.  xvi, 341 pp.
P&bns 58
Current Issues in Relevance Theory
Edited by Villy Rouchota and Andreas H. Jucker
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 58] 1998.  xii, 368 pp.
Z 73
The Current State of Interlanguage
Edited by Lynn Eubank, Larry Selinker and Michael Sharwood Smith
[Not in series, 73] 1995.  vii, 293 pp.
CLD 5:1
Current Trends in Chinese Discourse
Edited by Wei Wang and Linda Tsung
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 5:1] 2014.  v, 97 pp.
CLL 22
Degrees of Restructuring in Creole Languages
Edited by Ingrid Neumann-Holzschuh and Edgar W. Schneider
[Creole Language Library, 22] 2000.  iv, 492 pp.
LA 254
The Determinants of Diachronic Stability
Edited by Anne Breitbarth, Miriam Bouzouita, Lieven Danckaert and Melissa Farasyn
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 254] 2019.  vi, 294 pp.
Development and Structures of Creole Languages
Edited by Francis Byrne and Thom Huebner
[Creole Language Library, 9] 1991.  x, 222 pp.
CLD 3:1
Development of Pragmatic and Discourse Skills in Chinese-Speaking Children
Edited by Zhu Hua and Lixian Jin
[Chinese Language and Discourse, 3:1] 2012.  v, 127 pp.
SCL 85
Diachronic Corpora, Genre, and Language Change
Edited by Richard J. Whitt
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 85] 2018.  viii, 337 pp.
SiBil 13
Dialect Death
Charles E. Holloway
[Studies in Bilingualism, 13] 1997.  x, 220 pp.
SLCS 128
The Dialect Laboratory
Edited by Gunther De Vogelaer and Guido Seiler
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 128] 2012.  vi, 297 pp.
CILT 273
Dialects Across Borders
Edited by Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola, Marjatta Palander and Esa Penttilä
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 273] 2005.  xii, 291 pp.
DS 27
Dialogue in Multilingual and Multimodal Communities
Edited by Dale Koike and Carl S. Blyth
[Dialogue Studies, 27] 2015.  vi, 314 pp.
Mauro A. Fernández
Dimensions of Forensic Linguistics
Edited by John Gibbons and M. Teresa Turell
[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 5] 2008.  vi, 316 pp.
P&bns 110
Discourse Constructions of Youth Identities
Edited by Jannis K. Androutsopoulos and Alexandra Georgakopoulou
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 110] 2003.  viii, 343 pp.
Discourse and Identity Formation
Lamya Alkooheji and Chitra Sinha
Discourse and Silencing
Edited by Lynn Thiesmeyer
PS 9:3
Discourse approaches to evidentiality in Spanish
Edited by Marta Albelda Marco and María Estellés
[Pragmatics and Society, 9:3] 2018.  v, 162 pp.
P&bns 297
The Discourse of Online Sportscasting
Jan Chovanec
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 297] 2018.  xxii, 303 pp.
PS 2:2
The Discourse of Social Achievement
Edited by Georgeta Cislaru
[Pragmatics and Society, 2:2] 2011.  v, 173 pp.
SLCS 187
Discourse-Pragmatic Variation in Context
Alexandra D'Arcy
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 187] 2017.  xx, 235 pp.
Z 118
Discussing Conversation Analysis
Edited by Carlo L. Prevignano and Paul J. Thibault
[Not in series, 118] 2003.  xiv, 192 pp.
Z 37
Distributions spatiales et temporelles, constellations des manuscrits/Spatial and Temporal Distributions, Manuscript Constellations
Sous la direction de Pieter van Reenen et Karin van Reenen-Stein
[Not in series, 37] 1988.  xxii, 277 pp.
Diversity and Diachrony
David Sankoff
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 53] 1986.  xii, 430 pp.
P&bns 4
Doctor–Patient Interaction
Edited by Walburga von Raffler-Engel
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 4] 1989.  xxxviii, 294 pp.
LE 3:2
Documentary Linguistics
Edited by Sumittra Suraratdecha and Toshihide Nakayama
[Language Ecology, 3:2] 2019.  v, 122 pp.
J. Derrick McClure
[Varieties of English Around the World, T8] 2002.  vi, 219 pp.
Dublin English
Raymond Hickey
[Varieties of English Around the World, G35] 2005.  x, 270 pp. (incl. CD-Rom)
P&bns 128
The Dynamic Consultation
Marisa Cordella
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 128] 2004.  xvi, 254 pp.
The Dynamics of English in Namibia
Edited by Anne Schröder
[Varieties of English Around the World, G65] 2021.  ix, 305 pp.
Dynamics of Linguistic Diversity
Edited by Hagen Peukert and Ingrid Gogolin
[Hamburg Studies on Linguistic Diversity, 6] 2017.  x, 269 pp.
The Dynamics of Linguistic Variation
Edited by Terttu Nevalainen, Irma Taavitsainen, Päivi Pahta and Minna Korhonen
[Studies in Language Variation, 2] 2008.  viii, 339 pp.
Educated Fiji English
Lena Zipp
[Varieties of English Around the World, G47] 2014.  xvii, 230 pp.
Impact 35
Education in Languages of Lesser Power
Edited by Craig Alan Volker and Fred E. Anderson
The Emergence of Black English
Edited by Guy Bailey, Natalie Maynor and Patricia Cukor-Avila
[Creole Language Library, 8] 1991.  x, 352 pp.
P&bns 266
Emotion in Multilingual Interaction
Edited by Matthew T. Prior and Gabriele Kasper
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 266] 2016.  vii, 326 pp.
Impact 42
Endangered Languages and Languages in Danger
Edited by Luna Filipović and Martin Pütz
CILT 297
English Historical Linguistics 2006
Edited by Marina Dossena, Richard Dury and Maurizio Gotti
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 297] 2008.  xiii, 197 pp.
English World-Wide 1980–1999
Compiled by Manfred Görlach
[English World-Wide, 21:IND] 2001.  viii, 94 pp.
English in Australia
Edited by David Blair and Peter Collins
[Varieties of English Around the World, G26] 2001.  vi, 366 pp.
English in Cyprus or Cyprus English
Sarah Buschfeld
[Varieties of English Around the World, G46] 2013.  xvi, 246 pp.
English in Europe Today
Edited by Annick De Houwer and Antje Wilton
[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 8] 2011.  xi, 170 pp.
English in Nordic Universities
Edited by Anna Kristina Hultgren, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen
[Studies in World Language Problems, 5] 2014.  vi, 268 pp.
English in Southeast Asia
Edited by Ee-Ling Low and Azirah Hashim
[Varieties of English Around the World, G42] 2012.  xiv, 394 pp.
English in the Indian Diaspora
Edited by Marianne Hundt and Devyani Sharma
[Varieties of English Around the World, G50] 2014.  ix, 244 pp.
English in the Netherlands
Alison Edwards
[Varieties of English Around the World, G56] 2016.  xv, 271 pp.
Manfred Görlach
Englishes around the World
Edited by Edgar W. Schneider
[Varieties of English Around the World, G19] 1997.  viii, 358 pp.
Englishes around the World
Edited by Edgar W. Schneider
[Varieties of English Around the World, G18] 1997.  vi, 329 pp.
Essays in honor of Joshua A. Fishman
Edited by Ofelia García, James R. Dow and David F. Marshall
[Not in series, FISHFEST S] 1991.  1000 pp.,3 vols
Ethnic Styles of Speaking in European Metropolitan Areas
Edited by Friederike Kern and Margret Selting
[Studies in Language Variation, 8] 2011.  vi, 321 pp.
Impact 7
Ethnicity and Language Change
Kevin McCafferty
The Evaluation of Language Regimes
Michele Gazzola
[Multilingualism and Diversity Management, 3] 2014.  xxi, 380 pp.
Even More Englishes
Manfred Görlach
[Varieties of English Around the World, G22] 1998.  x, 260 pp.
PS 3:2
Evidentiality in Interaction
Edited by Janis B. Nuckolls and Lev Michael
[Pragmatics and Society, 3:2] 2012.  v, 191 pp.
The Evolution of Englishes
Edited by Sarah Buschfeld, Thomas Hoffmann, Magnus Huber and Alexander Kautzsch
[Varieties of English Around the World, G49] 2014.  xviii, 513 pp.
Explanation and Linguistic Change
Edited by Willem F. Koopman, Frederike van der Leek, Olga Fischer and Roger Eaton
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 45] 1987.  viii, 300 pp.
P&b VII:1
Explorations in Japanese Sociolinguistics
Leo Loveday
[Pragmatics & Beyond, VII:1] 1986.  xi, 153 pp.
CILT 199
Explorations in Linguistic Relativity
Edited by Martin Pütz and Marjolijn H. Verspoor
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 199] 2000.  xvi, 369 pp.
Explorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion
Edited by Tope Omoniyi and Joshua A. Fishman †
P&bns 262
Exploring Discourse Strategies in Social and Cognitive Interaction
Edited by Manuela Romano and Maria Dolores Porto
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 262] 2016.  vi, 299 pp.
Exploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics
Edited by Tanja Säily, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin and Anita Auer
[Advances in Historical Sociolinguistics, 7] 2017.  vii, 331 pp.
BCT 86
Exploring Language Aggression against Women
Edited by Patricia Bou-Franch
[Benjamins Current Topics, 86] 2016.  v, 159 pp.
Exploring the Dynamics of Multilingualism
Edited by Anne-Claude Berthoud, François Grin and Georges Lüdi
[Multilingualism and Diversity Management, 2] 2013.  xxi, 440 pp.
P&bns 248
The Expression of Inequality in Interaction
Edited by Hanna Pishwa and Rainer Schulze
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 248] 2014.  vi, 267 pp.
Z 119
Fascinated by Languages
Eugene A. Nida
[Not in series, 119] 2003.  vi, 157 pp.
Filipino English and Taglish
Roger M. Thompson
[Varieties of English Around the World, G31] 2003.  xiv, 288 pp.
SiBil 28
First Language Attrition
Edited by Monika S. Schmid, Barbara Köpke, Merel Keijzer and Lina Weilemar
[Studies in Bilingualism, 28] 2004.  x, 378 pp.
Focus on Canada
Edited by Sandra Clarke
[Varieties of English Around the World, G11] 1993.  xii, 302 pp.
Focus on Ireland
Edited by Jeffrey L. Kallen
[Varieties of English Around the World, G21] 1997.  xviii, 260 pp.
Focus on Language Planning
Edited by David F. Marshall
[Not in series, FISHFEST 3] 1991.  viii, 347 pp.
Focus on Language and Ethnicity
Edited by James R. Dow
[Not in series, FISHFEST 2] 1991.  viii, 244 pp.
Focus on South Africa
Edited by Vivian de Klerk
[Varieties of English Around the World, G15] 1996.  iv, 328 pp.
Focus on the USA
Edited by Edgar W. Schneider
[Varieties of English Around the World, G16] 1996.  vi, 368 pp.
Focus on: England and Wales
Edited by Wolfgang Viereck
[Varieties of English Around the World, G4] 1984.  iv, 304 pp. (includes 40 maps).
SiBil 2
Foreign Language Research in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Edited by Kees de Bot, Ralph B. Ginsberg and Claire Kramsch
[Studies in Bilingualism, 2] 1991.  xi, 275 pp.
Forms of Address in the Spanish of the Americas
Edited by María Irene Moyna and Susana Rivera-Mills
Impact 9-11
Gender Across Languages
Edited by Marlis Hellinger and Hadumod Bußmann
[IMPACT: Studies in Language, Culture and Society, 9-11] 2003.  xiv, 329 pp. & xiv, 349 pp. & xiv, 391 pp.
Impact 36
Gender Across Languages
Edited by Marlis Hellinger and Heiko Motschenbacher
Impact 9
Gender Across Languages
Edited by Marlis Hellinger and Hadumod Bußmann
Impact 10
Gender Across Languages
Edited by Marlis Hellinger and Hadumod Bußmann
Impact 11
Gender Across Languages
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