SubjectsLinguistics / Turkic languages



Edited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald

Special issue of Asian Languages and Linguistics 3:2 (2022) v, 227 pp.
Other subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Altaic languages | Dravidian languages | Historical linguistics | Japanese linguistics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Theoretical linguistics | Typology | Uralic languages

Introduction to Healthcare for Turkish-speaking Interpreters and Translators

Ineke H.M. Crezee, Oktay Eser and Fatih Karakaş

[Not in series, 241] 2022. xxxii, 423 pp.
Other subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies

Studies in Turkish as a Heritage Language

Edited by Fatih Bayram

[Studies in Bilingualism, 60] 2020. xiv, 287 pp.
Other subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Theoretical linguistics
Other subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

The Acquisition of Turkish in Childhood

Edited by Belma Haznedar and F. Nihan Ketrez

[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 20] 2016. viii, 416 pp.
Other subjects Language acquisition | Theoretical linguistics
Other subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition