Mind that Abides

Panpsychism in the new millennium

| University of Michigan at Dearborn
ISBN 9789027252111 | EUR 110.00 | USD 165.00
ISBN 9789027290038 | EUR 110.00 | USD 165.00
Panpsychism is the view that all things, living and nonliving, possess some mind like quality. It stands in sharp contrast to the traditional notion of mind as the property of humans and (perhaps) a few select ‘higher animals’. Though surprising at first glance, panpsychism has a long and noble history in both Western and Eastern thought. Overlooked by analytical, materialist philosophy for most of the 20th century, it is now experiencing a renaissance of sorts in several areas of inquiry. A number of recent books – including Skrbina’s Panpsychism in the West (2005) and Strawson et al’s Consciousness and its Place in Nature (2006) – have established panpsychism as respectable and viable. Mind That Abides builds on these works. It takes panpsychism to be a plausible theory of mind and then moves forward to work out the philosophical, psychological and ethical implications. With 17 contributors from a variety of fields, this book promises to mark a wholesale change in our philosophical outlook. (Series A)
[Advances in Consciousness Research, 75]  2009.  xiv, 401 pp.
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgements & dedication
1. Panpsychism in history: An overview
David Skrbina
Part I. Analysis and science
2. Realistic monism: Why physicalism entails panpsychism, and on the Sesmet theory of subjectivity
Galen Strawson
3. Halting the descent into panpsychism: A quantum thermofield theoretical perspective
Gordon G. Globus
4. Mind under matter
Sam Coleman
5. The conscious connection: A psycho-physical bridge between brain and pan-experiential quantum geometry
Stuart R. Hameroff and Jon Powell
6. Can the panpsychist get around the combination problem?
Phil Goff
7. Universal correlates of consciousness
Stephen Deiss
8. Panpsychism, the Big-Bang-Argument, and the dignity of life
Patrick Spät
Part II. Process philosophy
9. Back to Whitehead? Galen Strawson and the rediscovery of panpsychism
Pierfrancesco Basile
10. Does process externalism support panpsychism? The relational nature of the physical world as a foundation for the conscious mind
Riccardo Manzotti
11. The dynamics of possession: An introduction to the sociology of Gabriel Tarde
Didier Debaise
12. Finite eventism
Carey R. Carlson
Part III. Metaphysics and mind
13. Zero-person and the psyche
Graham Harman
14. "All things think:" Panpsychism and the metaphysics of nature
Iain Hamilton Grant
15. 'Something there?' James and Fechner meet in a Pluralistic Universe
Katrin Solhdju
16. Panpsychic presuppositions of Samkhya metaphysics
Jaison A. Manjaly
17. The awareness of rock: East-Asian understandings and implications
Graham Parkes
18. Why has the West failed to embrace panpsychism?
Freya Mathews
19. Minds, objects, and relations: Toward a dual-aspect ontology
David Skrbina
“What is the relationship of mind to matter? In this important book with 17 different authors, panpsychism is given its due. Overall a stimulating read, possibly profound, and highly recommended.”
“Highly readable for philosophy, we could have no better collection of contributors than those in this volume; the collection of ideas and theories in Mind that Abides may launch panpsychism into the third millennium with vigor and promise, as befitting such a venerable conception of mind. With 17 contributors from a variety of fields, this book promises to mark a wholesale change in our philosophical outlook. The book moves forward the subject a panpsychism, takes it seriously and tries to flesh out theories of the mind. Such a step, by experts from various fields, is unprecedented, and it is long overdue.”
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