Australian Review of Applied Linguistics

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

2 August 2021

Understanding textual meaning-making in Chinese high school EFL learners’ writing: A systemic functional perspective
Winfred Wenhui Xuan and Dongbing Zhang | 25 pp.

26 July 2021

Should Munanga learn Kriol? Exploring attitudes to non-Indigenous acquisition of Kriol language in Ngukurr
Caroline Hendy and Catherine Bow | 23 pp.

19 July 2021

Review of Hasegawa (2019): The social lives of study abroad: Understanding second language learners’ experiences through social network analysis and conversation analysis
Reviewed by Wendong Li and Yandan Zhu | 4 pp.

16 July 2021

Understanding the translingual practices among international students in multilingual cities
Yijun Yin, Alice Chik and Garry Falloon | 22 pp.

8 July 2021

Second language learners’ engagement with written feedback
Kailin Liu and Neomy Storch | 25 pp.

25 May 2021

Review of Barkhuizen & Strauss (2020): Communicating identities
Marilyn Lewis | 4 pp.

23 April 2021

Community presence, motivation, and identity: The Community-engaged L2 Self of university students of Italian in Melbourne
Riccardo Amorati | 23 pp.

21 January 2021

Korean Bibimbap mothers’ family language policies (FLPs) for their children’s bilingualism in Australia
Eun Kyong Park, Gregory Vass and Chris Davison | 28 pp.
Input–output relation in second language acquisition: Textbook and learner writing for adult English-speaking beginners of Korean
Gyu-Ho Shin and Boo Kyung Jung | 25 pp.

12 January 2021

Student teachers’ expectations and their sense of fulfillment in a TESOL program
Yoko Mori and Elke Stracke | 26 pp.

18 December 2020

Being native and being foreign: Native JFL teachers’ linguistic identity at tertiary institutions in New Zealand and Australia
Harumi Minagawa and Dallas Nesbitt | 25 pp.

26 November 2020

Translingual identity: Perpetual foreigner stereotype of the Eastern-European immigrants in Australia
Ana Tankosić | 26 pp.

5 October 2020

Journal publication productivity, impact, and quality among Applied Linguistics and TESOL academics in the Group of Eight Australian Universities
A. Mehdi Riazi, Heather Cooper and Grai Calvey | 25 pp.

24 September 2020

The evidence-based intervention for teaching the Chinese language in Australian classrooms
Dave Yan | 26 pp.

17 September 2020

Cultural and politico-religious challenges impacting critical reading of text for Iranian postgraduates in Australia
Hussein Shokouhi and Amin Zaini | 22 pp.

20 August 2020

“Actually, in my culture…” Identity, positioning, and intersubjectivity in cross-cultural interviews
Olivia Groves, Honglin Chen and Irina Verenikina | 21 pp.