Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter

Band 2. 1997

Burkhard Mojsisch | Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Olaf Pluta | Hochschule Vechta
Rudolf Rehn | Hochschule Vechta
ISBN 9789060324455 | EUR 100.00 | USD 150.00
| EUR 92.00
This annual is devoted to the philosophy of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter: Concentrates on research which documents the connections between ancient and medieval philosophy; Focuses on the interrelations among various cultural and philosophical traditions, for example, the Arabic, Judaic, Byzantine and Latin; Informs on major trends in the research on ancient and medieval philosophy and publishes reviews on important new studies on this subject; Offers a forum for discussions of controversial or divergent interpretations in this field; Presents previously unpublished sources and translations; Features a miscellany of reports and information, including interviews with prominent scholars The Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter aims to address the professional historians of philosophy as well as publishing introductory articles which are of interest to students of philosophy, and which along with new source material and lively interviews should provide a fresh perspective on and unique access to ancient and medieval thought. The annual will be published in English, French, German and Italian with extracts in English every autumn. Contents Band 2 (1997): Beiträge: Jens Halfwassen: Monismus und Dualismus in Platons Prinzipienlehre; Klaus J. Schmidt: Die Konsistenz der Notwendigkeitsschlüsse des Aristoteles; Johann Kreuzer: Natur als Metapher: Eriugena über den Grund des Schönen; Burkhard Mojsisch: The Theory of Intellectual Construction in Theodoric of Freiberg; Maarten J.F.M. Hoenen: Thomismus, Skotismus und Albertismus. Das Entstehen und die Bedeutung von philosophischen Schulen im späten Mittelalter; Hartmut Grabst: Johannes Duns Scotus’ Rezeption des Anselmianischen Arguments Materialien: Burkhard Mojsisch: Dietrich von Freiberg, De origine rerum praedicamentalium (cap. V); Burkhard Mojsisch: Dietrich von Freiberg, Abhandlung über die kategorial bestimmte Realität (Kap. 5); Thomas Dewender — Olaf Pluta: Lawrence of Lindores on Immortality. An Edition with Analysis of Four of his Quaestiones in Aristotelis libros De anima Miscellanea: Interview with Richard Rorty.
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