Romance Syntax, Semantics and L2 Acquisition

Selected papers from the 30th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Gainesville, Florida, February 2000

| University of Florida, Gainesville
| University of Florida, Gainesville
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This volume contains a selection of refereed and revised papers, originally presented at the 30th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, representing the areas of syntax, semantics, their interfaces, and second language acquisition. The topics addressed include movement (both wh- and head-movement), control, issues of second language acquisition related to the Determiner Phrase, the effect of word order and syntactic simplification in second language acquisition, adverbials, syntactic constraints on access to lexical structure, a semantic characterization of the subjunctive in Spanish, and impersonal constructions and impersonal reflexive pronouns. The papers in this volume not only discuss issues related to most of the major Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Rumanian and Spanish) and a Portuguese Creole, but also include comparisons with languages from other families (Marathi, Bulgarian, Polish and Slovenian). This collection of papers illustrates the richness in the field of Romance linguistics and the value of cross-linguistic research and multi-modular approaches.
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 216]  2001.  xii, 246 pp.
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Table of Contents
List of contributors
Romance Syntax, Semantics, and L2 Acquisition
Joaquim Camps and Caroline R. Wiltshire
A Class of "Lite" Adverbs in French
Anne Abeillé and Danièle Godard
Adjective Position and Interpretation in L2 French
Bruce Anderson
French Complex Inversion in the Light of a Minimalist Program
Cedric Boeckx
Optionality, Presupposition, and WH-in-situ in French
Cedric Boeckx, Penka Stateva and Arthur Stepanov
Word Order Shift and Natural L2 Acquisition in a Portuguese Creole
J. Clancy Clements
Unaccusativity and the Impersonal Construction of French
Sarah Cummins
Shifting the DP Parameter: A study of Anglophone French L2ers
Randall Gess and Julia Herschensohn
Constraint Demotion and Null-Subjects in Spanish L2 Acquisition
Larry L. LaFond, Rachel Hayes and Rakesh M. Bhatt
Temporal Location of Events and the Distribution of the Romance Counterparts of since-Adverbials
Telmo Móia
PRO, Movement and Binding in Portuguese
Acrisio Pires
On Impersonal Reflexives in Romance and Slavic and Semantic Variation
María Luisa Rivero
The Role of Syntactic Modifications on L2 Oral Comprehension
Nuria Sagarra
Syntactic Constraints on Access to Lexical Structure: The case of ficar
Cristina Schmitt
A comparative Semantics for the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
Elisabeth Villalta
Index of Terms & Concepts
“[...] the entire volume is invaluable for researchers interested in formal approaches to SLA.”
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