Language Typology

A functional perspective

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This book is intended as a systemic functional contribution to language typology both for those who would like to understand and describe particular languages against the background of generalizations about a wide range of languages and also for those who would like to develop typological accounts that are based on and embody descriptions of the systems of particular languages (rather than isolated constructions). The book is a unique contribution in at least two respects. On the one hand, it is the first book based on systemic functional theory that is specifically concerned with language typology. On the other hand, the book combines the particular with the general in the description of languages: it presents comparable sketches of particular languages while at the same time identifying generalizations based on the languages described here as well as on other languages.

The volume explores eight languages, covering seven language families: French, German, Pitjantjatjara, Tagalog, Telugu, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese.

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 253]  2004.  xiv, 702 pp.
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Table of Contents
List of contributors
1. Introduction: Systemic functional typology
Alice Caffarel-Cayron, J.R. Martin and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen
2. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of French
Alice Caffarel-Cayron
3. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of German
Erich Steiner and Elke Teich
4. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of Japanese
Kazuhiro Teruya
5. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of Tagalog
J.R. Martin
6. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of Chinese
M.A.K. Halliday † and Edward McDonald
7. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of Vietnamese
Minh Duc Thai
8. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of Telugu
V. Prakasam
9. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of Pitjantjatjara
David Rose
10. Descriptive motifs and generalizations
Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen
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