The Laws of Indo-European

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This book collects all the named laws of Indo-European, presents each in its original form and rationale and then provides an evaluation of all major attacks, revisions and exploitations, along with a full bibliography and index. Complete – thorough – exhaustive.
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 35] 1985.  xvii, 308 pp.
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“Collinge has provided all students and scholars in the many branches of Indo-European studies with a useful reference tool and deserves our gratitude.”
“[D]estined to become an indispensable tool on the desk of every Indo-Europeanist, Historical Linguist, and Linguistic Historian [...]. It records in admirably concise fashion the original content, subsequent revision and current scholarly assessment of those well-known rules in historical linguistics which are traditionally termed 'laws'.”
“Collinge dissipates the conventional myth of orthodoxy commonly associated with these laws: he shows how often these were formulated by their propounders as tentative generalizations, and how they were attacked or revised. As such, this book is a fitting tribute to two centuries of comparative scholarship — a story, then, of "how the field of Indo-European was won".”
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