Metasex – The Discourse of Intimacy and Transgression

| University of Cologne
| Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
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ISBN 9789027260680 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
This study focuses on the language around sexuality and discourses about sex, labeled by the authors as metasex, from a broad crosslinguistic perspective. Unlike many existing studies on sexting that predominantly take into account the linguistic practices of teenagers often located in the Global North, this book offers a more holistic approach by discussing Southern concepts of body parts, their conceptualization and mediatization (“dick pics”), the interconnectedness of food and sex and its sensualization (“foodporn”) as well as processes of social cohesion around sex, sociability and conviviality (“bonding”). Based on an anthropological linguistic perspective, the authors analyze metasex practices from Nigeria, DR Congo, Uganda, the Mediterranean, and numerous other contexts. Africanist Agnes Brühwiler’s afterword on sex (talk) in Tanzania rounds off the various fresh insights this study offers.
[Culture and Language Use, 22]  2020.  ix, 132 pp.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Dick pics
Chapter 3. Foodporn
Chapter 4. Bonding
Chapter 5. Understanding metapragmatic discourses through social bonding, foodporn and dick pic perspectives: An afterword
Agnes Brühwiler


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