The theory and practice of making cultural change

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Searching explains how to make the fundamental cultural change required for a desirable sustainable future. It describes the ‘two-stage model’ of open-systems social science in action and covers two major methods: the Search Conference for strategic planning and community development; and the Participative Design Workshop for the genotypical design and redesign of organizational structures. The result of nearly 50 years of integrated conceptual and practical development, Searching shows that by replacing 200 years of mechanistic assumptions with concepts and principles which accurately capture human and social realities, these methods generate intrinsic motivation and release human potentials for change. Starting with the building blocks of this internally consistent theoretical framework, Part I explains the interrelations and shows how the power of the methods for achieving this cultural change is generated. Part II of the book describes the methods and illustrates their flexibility by discussing some of their most common variations.
[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 4]  1999.  xxiv, 258 pp.
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Table of Contents
Introduction and Overview
Part I: The theory of making cultural change
1. The Foundations of the Complete Model of Active Adaptation
2. The complete (2-Stage) Model of Active Socio-Ecological Adaptation
3. Towards A Heuristic Theory Of Diffusive Learning
4. The Design and Management of the Learning Environment
5. Completing the Conceptual Circle
Part II: The practice of making cultural change
6. The Search Conference
7. Successful Implementation, Variation and Unique Designs
Conclusion: Towards Association, Wisdom and Joy
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